Urban Structure Seminar Singapore
Halfen-Moment Singapore was proud to be a one of the key sponsors for the Singapore Concrete Institute’s Urban Structures seminar 2018 which took place at the HDB Centre of Building Research on 15th March 2018. A series of topics on quality and cost saving buildings construction have been conducted.

Managing Director of Halfen-Moment Singapore, Gary Connah has contributed in one of the sessions by sharing a topic on ‘The Secret of Robust Precast Connections: A Singapore Journey’. The connection of precast components on construction sites has always been a difficult challenge due to manufacturing tolerances and the need to transfer loads through the structure.

Hence, a number of ways of precast connections has been introduced throughout the seminar such as:
• Grout Coupler to connect walls and columns to foundation
• Connection loops to connect 2 precast boxes for the prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC)
• Wire Loop Box to connect walls together
• Halfen HEK Precast Coupler for wall/slab to wall connections
• Column Shoes for installing precast concrete columns
• Invisible Connections to connect precast concrete without using corbels

Discussions in the seminar primarily revolved around lifting and erecting of precast elements; connections for wall panels; connections for columns and beams and connections for stair landings in the precast sector.

Urban Structure Seminar Singapore2The event was an opportunity for Halfen-Moment Group and more than 100 engineers who have attended to provide a platform to exchange views on precast technologies in Singapore.

March 16, 2018