Cast-In Channel

HALFEN Cast-In Channel

HALFEN Cast-In Channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-install, adjustable fixings, saving considerable installation time, resulting in faster construction and therefore cost saving. A polystyrene bead filler or a strip filler provides protection against ingress of concrete into the channel.

Any of the following components can be fixed to HALFEN Cast-In Channel:
• Concrete façades
• Pre-cast concrete elements
• Pipe support systems
• Brickwork support

Hot-rolled HALFEN Cast-In Channels are also ideal for all applications in which dynamic loads occur, e.g. in crane rails or machine. Special hot-rolled profiles are available for this purpose.

The key benefits and features for HALFEN Cast-In Channel are as per below:
• High bearing loads up to 32 kN or 108 kN/m
• Small edge distances of minimum 5 cm
• Easy to adjust
• Assembly without noise and dirt
• Officially approved for static and dynamic loads
• A high degree of corrosion protection
• Available both in stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized

These quality features make HALFEN Cast-In Channel an indispensable product for all planners and users.


HTA-CE, hot rolled. Optimized geometry according to static requirements


Easy visual installation check (QC) on site


HALFEN DYNAGRIP Cast-In Channel is a new development for applications with high loads, where channel is cast in vertically. These high performance channels can even absorb dynamic load components of up to 3 kN. Special toothed profiles provide positive engagement and eliminates the risk of slipping.

HALFEN DYNAGRIP Cast-In Channel meet or exceed the conditions of anchoring lift guide rails: Three-dimensional load absorption with high dynamic loads. These channels are also suitable for vertical installation, e.g. in concrete columns carrying longitudinal loads.

The key benefits and features for HALFEN DYNAGRIP Cast-In Channel are as per below:
• High load-bearing capacity up to 12 kN as the resultant load in all directions allowable dynamic load amplitude of up to 3 kN
• Compact product range with two types HZA 29/20 and HZA 38/23
• High degree of corrosion protection due to hot-dip galvanized design officially approved


HZA DYNAGRIP, hot rolled. Innovation serration on channel lips and T bold heads provides additional mechanical interlock connection

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