Halfen Moment Malaysia moving towards a world class transformation with 6S development

Since March 2016, Halfen-Moment Malaysia have been developing and maintaining 6S standards in the workplace environment and manufacturing processes.

6S stands for:
Sort – Distinguish between what is needed and not needed.
Set-In-Order – Enforce a place for everything and everything in its place.
Shine – Clean up the workplace and look for ways to keep it clean.
Standardize – Maintain and monitor adherence to the first three Ss.
Sustain – Follow the rules to keep the workplace 6S-right.
Savings – Quantify savings from sorting activities.

With the guidance of MMS Training and Consultancy for the past 6 months, Halfen Moment Malaysia has successfully passed September’s 6S quality audit in all 7 zones. And of course, well done to the Duct Production Team for achieving the outstanding ‘4 Stars’ rating. Yet another significant achievement to celebrate by the Halfen-Moment group!

With the 6S development, we are moving towards a safer work environment, more satisfying jobs, higher quality products, greater customer satisfaction and most importantly, a World Class Company!

September 15, 2016