The Company

Building Accessories and Solution Supplies

Supplying building accessories and solutions which build a much bigger picture.

The Halfen Moment Group of companies started its business in Malaysia, supplying mechanical couplers to the building sites by as a cost effective alternative for conventional splicing. Today, the MOMENT® coupler is a well-established brand in the market. The successful cooperation with our customers motivates us to continuously extend our product offering to more reinforcement and construction accessories. Our focus on innovation and customer service has driven our growth.

With the headquarters in Malaysia, which serves as the central hub, and being supported by its subsidiaries in Singapore, Philippines and India, we have positioned ourselves as a leading building products player with an established and extensive network throughout Asia and Middle East. The Halfen Moment Group of companies is present internationally via its own entities, affiliate companies and committed distributors and currently employs over 200 dedicated employees.

Pioneers of engineered solutions, with a focus on product development and unwavering innovation.

Since 2012, the Halfen Moment Group is part of a larger family of companies. Our parent company, CRH plc based in Ireland is a Forbes 500 company with an annual turnover of €27 billion. Thanks to CRH plc, The Halfen Moment Group has access to financial resources and innovative products from Europe in order to support its continuous development.

Our building accessories and solutions are being supplied throughout the vast continent of Asia and the Middle East, consistently demonstrating our product quality and compliance with the world’s most demanding market standards which is constantly being monitored by our dedicated quality assurance & control team.

Every single piece of our product is subject to extensive checking and inspection prior to packing.

At Halfen Moment Group, we pride ourselves to be having the most stringent Quality Assurance Program. From the receiving of raw material to the finalization of finished goods, our production lines are required to adhere to specific sets of defined procedures. We take no compromise in the quality and workmanship of our products.

Halfen Moment products are all stamped with traceability codes, which allows the product to be traced back to the original lot of steel and the origin of the raw material. With a spans of 25 years in the construction industry, we have a wealth of experience and have earned the trust of many localised top builders and contractors. We are always committed to being Malaysia’s leading building accessories and solutions supply company in the country.

Our QC is tasked to verify the accountability of the test certificates and materials received so which to ensure our product are consistently complying with the required specifications.

Download the conducted test reports here.

Our Why

Our Why is to be an innovative building solution provider for the building structure, offering localized products, which ultimately improve progress efficiencies and reduce overall costs for our valued clients

Company History


Incorporation of MOMENT


Expansion of MOMENT to Singapore


Expansion of MOMENT to Philippines


MOMENT goes Middle East


First patent of the MOMENT BARBREAK coupler


Sole distributorship for FORTA concrete reinforcement fiber in Asia


Expansion of MOMENT to India


Acquisition of the MOMENT by CRH plc and name changed to HALFEN MOMENT Group


Widening of product portfolio via collaboration with CRH subsidiary companies: Halfen, Ancon and Plaka Group


Launching of the complete range of precast accessories


Participating in the iconic Qatar Basin Project with 2.5 million epoxy couplers supplied within the year


Development of operational excellence with Lean 6S Safety Implementation


Partnership with Mekano4 to supply European Certified Post Tensioning System, Pot Bearing and Stayed Cable System


MOMENT Standard JT Coupler certified by CREAM