MBC Coupler
Developer: Oberoi Realty
Main Contractor: Samsung C&T Corporation
Product Supplied: Moment® Bolt Coupler (MBC)

Project Description

Oberoi 360 project is a mixed development located in the Worli, district of Mumbai, Commercial & High end Residential Hub of Mumbai, north of the central business district. The site, lying just 600 meters east of the Arabian Sea, is contextualized around the nearby water. As most of the surrounding buildings are low-rise, the tower’s western facing sightlines are maximized to offer views of the sea.

The Requirement : Rebars protruding from the foundation piles were too short to allow traditional lapped splice.

MBC Application
A nut runner is always recommended to tighten the bolts for higher precision and faster installation.

The Solution

The best solution for the continuity of bars protruding from the foundation piles is using the Moment Bolt Coupler (MBC). As the bar end does not need to be prepared in advance, MBC coupler is a flexible solution for contractors. It only requires a wrench or a nut runner  to tighten the bolts along its serrated hollow body. Hence, it is easy to operate even in a confined area at site.  The installation is very straight forward with simple demonstration and guidance.

The Result

Halfen Moment India supplies a significant amount of MBC coupler to this mixed development project , which proves that MBC coupler is the ideal and cost effective coupler for remedial and repair works, particularly when one bar is already fixed in the concrete. The team of Samsung & Oberoi appreciate the convenience of this coupler as it managed to save more time and were able to execute the work well in advance.

MBC Application
Using MBC coupler is a cost effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place.


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October 9, 2019