MyHSR Corp has presented the architectural concept designs for all seven stations of Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR in Malaysia including Bandar Malaysia, Bangi-Putrajaya, Seremban, Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat and Iskandar Puteri. The designs of each station were conceptualised to reflect not only the diverse heritage, culture and identity of each city along the HSR corridor, but also demonstrates the growth vision that will be accomplished with the KL-SG HSR.

Bandar Malaysia- My Gateway

The iconic Bandar Malaysia station is the first station for the KL-SG HSR, acting as a gateway to Malaysia and will connect with mass rapid transit, commuter and airport rail. The Bandar Malaysia station design geometrics are inspired by the confluence of Gombak River and Klang River, resulting in an innovative design that carries Malaysia into the next century.


Bangi-Putrajaya- My People

The Bangi-Putrajaya station is inspired by the official religion, Islam, and its beautiful architecture that can be seen in mosques in the country. This station envisions Malaysia’s aspirations as a progressive nation, articulated by the pointed arches standing united, together.


Seremban- MyVision

A station in the park at the heart of the Malaysian Vision Valley, the Seremban station combines elements of green beauty, futuristic development and proud heritage of the Sri Menanti Palace that served as a palace for the Royal family of Negeri Sembilan.


Melaka- MyHeritage

The Melaka station is inspired by the bustling Straits of Malacca connecting the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean as the main shipping channel. The station design geometrics have a modern take on sails, from Melaka’s historical roots as a thriving shipping port to a futuristic vision of Melaka.


Muar- MyFuture

The ‘rehal’, a book rest used when reciting the Quran, symbolises Muar’s instrumental role in Malaysian history; home to numerous academic and political leaders. Muar continues as the centre of education and development within Malaysia, which seeks to be the newest hub of higher learning.


Batu Pahat-My Culture

The Batu Pahat station is inspired by a prominent local culture of Johor known as the ‘Kuda Kepang’ dance, that is accompanied with traditional musical instruments when performed. The dance is a regular fixture at celebrations and grand occasions in Johor.


Iskandar Puteri-My Encounter

Iskandar Puteri is the last station in Malaysia before the border-crossing, which signifies the role of borders as a meeting place between people and culture. The station design geometrics are inspired by the gesture of a handshake.


Source: HSR Corp


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October 19, 2017