HSR Asia 2017
Partnering with our sister company from Germany, HALFEN, Halfen Moment Group participated in the HSR Asia 2017, a 2 days intensive international summit event in Kuala Lumpur, addressing the current challenges that countries are facing to push ahead with their high speed rail development plans. HALFEN Fastening Systems for tunnels were presented during the summit.

The safe operation of tunnels greatly depends on the durable fixation of all required technical and operational equipment. The paramount superior objective to ensure safety of the installed equipment over the duration of the entire scheduled service life is not realizable without paying utmost attention to the correct design, selection and installation of suitable state-of-the-art fixing systems. For a safe and cost-efficient tunnel operation, the fixing technology used for the installation of the tunnel equipment is as important as the tunnel construction itself!

While the initial costs of fixing technology are rather low compared to the overall tunnel cost, fixing failure could turn out at the end of the day highly costly and tragically for more than just the innocent victims! HALFEN cast-in channels have proven to be extremely safe, reliable and cost-effective. They have become preferred alternatives to traditional methods such as post installed anchors due to the manifold advantages they offer.

Typically HALFEN cast-in channels have been used for various applications, such as:
1) Electrification
2) Cross passage connecting doors
3) Platform screen doors
4) Fixing of lighting and signaling devices
5) Fixing of ventilation
6) Suspended ceilings

For more information on HALFEN cast-in channels, please visit our product page at: www.halfen-moment.com/products/anchoring-in-concrete/cast-in-channel/

September 26, 2017