Gamuda IBS is a well-known precast manufacturer in Malaysia. Being one of the key clients of Halfen Moment, Gamuda IBS has been collaborated with us, using our innovative building solutions in many of their prestigious projects. Moment Multi Wire Loop Box is one of the latest product being implemented for precast wall to wall connection.


Gamuda 1 Gamuda 2

With the ongoing close partnership with Gamuda IBS, Halfen Moment had the opportunity to conduct demonstrations at their precast yard to showcase the application of Multi Wire Loop Box for precast wall to wall connection. After rounds of testing based on different possible applications, Gamuda IBS engineers were satisfied and confident with Multi Wire Loop Box advantages as follows:

  1. The long multi wire loop box version creates a perfect alignment to wall panels, acts as a shear key and simplify the design of the formwork.
  2. The magnet option provides easy installation onto the formwork.
  3. Able to customize the number of wire loops and length of steel box to match the height of the wall.

In the own words of the Head of Technical of Gamuda, Thoo Hoi Hian, and Engineer Steven Goh Nai Jun, “I would highly recommend this wire loop box to other engineers. Not just because of the quality of the product but the easy installation which makes wall to wall connection 50% faster when compared to traditional method, helping us to save our labour and time cost.”

With the positive response received from Gamuda IBS, more drawings with Multi Wire Loop Box have already been incorporated into the precast design of their future projects.

Easy Installation Saving More Time & Cost

1. Multi Wire Loop Box is attached to the formwork using magnets before the panel is casted.

Gamuda 4.1 The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

2. After removing the formwork, the protective tape is removed, and the loop can be then be bent to the operating position.

Gamuda 5.1 Gamuda 5.2

3. The wire loops are bent out and straightened with a hammer claw.

Gamuda 6.1 Gamuda 6.2

4. Lastly, insert the reinforcement bar and concrete grout is poured into the joint shown below.

Gamuda 7.1The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

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January 16, 2020