Half Grout Coupler Moment Half Grout Coupler
The connection of precast components on construction sites has always been a difficult challenge due to manufacturing tolerances and the need to transfer loads through the structure; even more so when you factor in a required resilience to a seismic events. Precast components are inherently stiff, so it is essential that the connection components are robust enough to allow the structure to absorb the energy of the earthquake, whilst providing enough robustness to avoid collapse.

As innovation is one of our key drivers, Halfen Moment Malaysia will be supporting a research project by Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaysia to examine the mechanical and technical properties of Half Grout and Full Grout couplers, which has been widely used for precast connection.

This research will focus mainly on
1) The compressive strength of the grout material which fills the coupler duct in different ages of the grout mix.
2) The effect of the embedded length of the steel bar inside the coupler duct for half grout and full grout couplers.
3) The effect of the steel bar eccentricity and grout volume surrounding bar during the installation process inside the coupler duct.

The findings of this research will be important in guiding designers, fabricators and contractors in the field of civil engineering in order to select the best solutions of couplers for splicing of RC bars in the precast industry. Halfen Moment will provide our products and advice in this research to ensure this research to run smoothly and achieves the intended output successfully.

June 29, 2018