There are 2 common methods to connect reinforcement bars.

The traditional way of connecting rebar is by overlapping 2 rebars, with typical lap lengths of between 30 and 50 times the diameter of the rebar in accordance with EN1992-1-1.

The modern way of connecting rebars is by using a mechanical splice system; a mechanical connection between two pieces of rebar that enable the bars to behave in a manner similar to continuous length of rebar. Most mechanical splices join rebar end-to-end along with the rebar threads, providing many of the advantages of a continuous piece of rebar, which is more reliable. Read more: Mechanical Splices VS Lap Splicing

MBC- The Ideal Coupler for Remedial & Repair Works

If the rebar lap length was shortened by mistake, we will not be able to connect both rebars if:
1) The lap length is less than that specified for a particular application.
2)  There is no way we can thread on either side of the rebars at site/ the rebars are being planted vertically

Like any other engineering problem, this situation may have other solutions like welding, drilling in additional rebar, depending on the site conditions, codes, materials used and the structure that is going to rest on this foundation.

However, the best way to connect this is the Moment Bolt Coupler (MBC), a bolted coupler which does not require any rebar preparation, designed for the connection of two rebars which haven’t been previously threaded.

Each MBC coupler features a serrated hollow body which will grip the rebar. A number of bolts along one side will press the bar against the serrations and lock both bar ends and complete the connection.

Bolts Designed to Shear Off at a Specified Torque

MBC coupler is a cost effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place and there is insufficient space for a hydraulic swaging press. Below are the benefits of MBC coupler.

• No threading required. Installation can be done by using a wrench.
• Bar ends are supported within the coupler by reversed teeth on the internal wall, and as the lock shear bolts are tightened, the conical ends embed themselves into the bar and press the bar on to the teeth.
• Excellent for remedial & repair works where one bar is already fixed in concrete.
• Capacity load higher than 108% characteristic yield strength of grade 500 reinforcing bar.
MBC Bolted Rebar Coupler
Nut runner is strongly recommended to tighten the bolts for higher precision and faster installation.


The Simplest Way To Join Short Rebars.
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