The concept and use of reinforcement continuity strip systems or ‘pull-out bar’ systems have been widespread in Asia & Europe over the last 30 years and is widely accepted means of providing reinforcement continuity across construction joints in concrete. The system utilizes the concept of overlapping reinforcement to provide a connection.

The Moment Bar Box system consists of specially selected, high yield reinforcing steel, housed in a galvanized steel casing with ribbed surface to provide an effective concrete bond. The end of the unit is sealed with a polystyrene block in order to prevent the ingress of concrete.

The Bar Box reinforcement continuity is manufactured using a reinforcing bar that meets the requirements of the local reinforcing bar standard.

Why Use Moment Bar Box?

The product design ensures fast and easy fixing by nailing to the formwork. Alternatively, it can be wired back to the main reinforcement cage. The concrete is then cast. After removing the formwork. The cover is removed and the bars are quickly straightened using the specifically designed rebend tool. The steel casing remains embedded in the wall and is filled with concrete when the next section is poured, the dimpled surface providing an efficient key.

When compared to traditional joint construction methods, the product offers a cost-saving by means of a less labour intensive installation process and simplification of formwork with the removal of the need to drill shuttering. This contributes to the acceleration of the construction process. As the bars remain enclosed within the casing until required, they are protected and the risk of injury from projecting bars is minimized. Easy to use, the system requires little onsite training in order to carry out the installation.

Most joints in concrete, on many different types of construction sites, have the potential to be formed using Moment Bar Box. It has been supplied to high rise commercial buildings, water treatment plants, hospitals, prisons, energy from waste facilities and many more types of construction sites.

Typical Joint Application

  • Floor slabs
  • Walls
  • Stairwells
  • Corbels
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Jumpforms
  • Brick support ledges

Maintain Robustness Of Your Concrete Joints
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How to Install Moment Bar Box?

Step 1

A Moment Bar Box unit is installed by firstly nailing through the casing to the shutter face. The casing is annealed at points to make this operation easier.

Step 2

With the Bar Box unit securely in place, concrete can be poured and the entire unit will become part of the first pour of the concrete and structure.

Step 3

With the formwork struck, the Bar Box lid and end caps can now be removed and discarded. The lap bars contained inside the case will now be revealed for rebending.

Step 4

Check the stirrups are completely clean.

Step 5

With the Bar Box casing opened, the lap bars can be bent out using the correct tool according to our installation guidelines.

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March 31, 2020