Halfen Moment is proud to have Invisible Connections to be nominated as Top 10 entries to the Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) during the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) from 4 – 6 September 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Organized by Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, nominees of PIA 2019 were chosen based on the key points below:

    1. “Thinking out of the box” construction methods, processes and products
    2. Involvement by workers and staff in the construction sector to create innovative projects/products that will result in significant enhancements at their workplaces

All in all, productivity and innovation are the keys to improving competitiveness of the construction sector and to reduce reliance on manpower.

PIA Awards Halfen Moment
Halfen Moment team explaining the application and benefits of Invisible Connections Products at PIA awards 2019 in Singapore

What Is Invisible Connection?

TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors – Precast Landing to core wall connection

Invisible Connection is developed to solve unsightly support systems for precast connections. Methodology primarily for precast staircases and landings, they can also be used as support systems for precast beams and slabs. This is to remove the unpleasant looking support systems, traditional bracketry or corbel supports.
Invisible Connections TSS & Recess
 Corbel free construction using Invisible Connections

Benefits of Invisible Connection

Use of Invisible Connection at precast staircases helps to speed up construction. The methodology involves procurement of precast staircase flights (inclusive of landing) at controlled environment, followed by site installation.

Invisible connection method achieves higher productivity up to 55%. With the reduction of work processes, there are improvements in terms of manpower and materials. It also minimizes temporary propping and scaffolding. With minimum temporary propping and scaffolding, there is saving in materials, resulting in cleaner and safer construction site. As safety hazard related to working at height can also be reduced.
Invisible Connections TSS41
By using our systems you avoid welding and bolting on site. Only filling up the recesses with mortar is needed. Uniform performance.

For further details, please contact our or visit our office where we can showcase you the actual Invisible Connections products!

September 11, 2019