A group of 20 members of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) attended a factory visit to Halfen Moment Malaysia. Participants had a meeting room discussion before the tour, where our Technical Manager, KC Loh presented a lecture on ‘The Different Types and Applications of Couplers and Threading Processes’, explaining how rebar couplers and threading services play an alternative yet important role for conventional splicing, saving the overall cost of the project and reducing rebar wastage.

IEM Factory Visit
Group photo before factory tour

Participants had witnessed our ISO 9001-2015 and 6S Safety Standards certified factory which comes with 360° manufacturing capability from cutting, cold upsetting, threading and packing to shipping. They also had their chance to observe the processes of proof load testing, manufacturing of corrugated duct and assembly of Plakabox.

“Our guests enjoyed both the lecture and the visit to our factory,” KC Loh said. “Our well organized production line made a strong impression on them, too. We hope educational and informational visits such as these will help young graduates and engineers in Malaysia to understand Halfen Moment’s commitment to produce localized building accessories supplies that meet and surpass local needs as engineers design innovative new concrete structures for the future.”

Token of appreciation from IEM

“Halfen Moment factory, products and especially their company culture cannot be matched. From fork-lift operator, supervisor, to directors, we witnessed the professionalism in each department to deliver steel products and building solutions to the construction industry. I was also personally impressed by their support given to consultants by way of regular testing and technical expertise, and the very evident commitment to safety. The seminar given by KC Loh was more than informative”,   mentioned by one of the visiting engineers.

If you would like to find out more about Halfen Moment, we also invite you to visit our factory. In our guided factory tour, we will show you how couplers, rebar threading and our other products are manufactured.  Please contact us via the contact form. We will contact you soon to arrange a time.

August 8, 2018