Kahramaa Water Security Mega ReservoirsDeveloper: Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation
Main Contractor: Consolidated Contracting Group (CCC) & Teyseer Contracting Co. JV
Product Supplied: Epoxy Moment® JoinTec Coupler

Project Description

Due to the continuous growth and development in Qatar, and consequently the huge increase in water demand, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) has decided to launch an ambitious water project to provide 7 days strategic water storage within its network system.

The first phase of the project will provide the 7 days of storage for the expected water demand at horizon 2026, with 5 mega reservoir sites. The second phase will provide the 7 days of water storage for expected demand in 2036 by adding additional reservoirs within the 5 mega reservoirs sites.

The Requirement: In order to prevent corrosion at this salt water structure, this project requires epoxy coated couplers to connect with the epoxy coated steel bars.

The Solution

To match the requirement of this project, Halfen Moment Malaysia designed the first ever epoxy coated Moment® JoinTec Coupler. Stringent testing procedures had been carried out, even when it comes to the smallest details on the thickness and adhesiveness of the epoxy coating, these aspects were all tested and inspected carefully by the production and quality control department.

A total of 2.5million Epoxy JoinTec Coupler were commissioned (300,000 couplers to be delivered each month), hence the production line and operators were expanded to meet the production capacity and for better quality control. These Epoxy JoinTec Couplers had went through a few rounds of quality measures before delivered, below were the main areas focused:
1) Threads to be free from epoxy coating
2) Visibility of the marking on the couplers after coating
3) Dimension and threading check
4) Tensile test for each batch of couplers
Standards operating procedures and strict quality control protocols were the keys to maintain the quality of the couplers and also to keep to the promised delivery timeline.

On top of that, 26 threading machines were also supplied and mobilized on site to produce the threading of 5 million threads. It was a challenge for the threading machines to work under a high temperature between 40-50 degrees in Qatar, therefore these machines were all maintained regularly to avoid any unexpected breakdown during production.

The Result

Halfen Moment Malaysia is proud to be associated with this prestigious project. This mega reservoir project was a great experience for the entire Halfen Moment Group as huge coordination and hard work had been contributed from all departments to make this a success.

Picture above showing Epoxy Moment® JoinTec Coupler and rebar threading performed at site.


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September 1, 2017