AFCAB is a French independent and transparent body set up in 1990 which delivers certificates of conformity to companies that manufacture or fix on-site concrete reinforcing steel or their accessories. After a series of auditing from an AFCAB representative, Moment® JoinTec Coupler T16-T40 is now certified with the prestigious AFCAB certification.

Why Should You Purchase Couplers That Are Certified by AFCAB?

AFCAB certification provides the contractor and the user the guarantee that the coupler is of consistent quality every time you place an order, whether it is small or large quantities.

What AFCAB Requests To Grant A Certificate?

The AFCAB mark is to verify that the certified couplers:

1) were initially assessed against a technical file to enable the performance of mechanical splices that fulfil the criteria of NF A 35-020,
2) are manufactured against drawings, and production documents provided at the initial assessment,
3) are checked at each stage of the manufacturing.

What Are The Performed Checks?

A quality system which is based on sectorial application of the NF EN ISO 9001 standard is to be implemented in the factory. It shall in particular assure:

1) the control of the final check documents,
2) the check and the identification of the semi-finished products that may be purchased,
3) the identification of the finish products (labels and on-product marking),
4) the control of the manufacturing process,
5) the control of the conformity of the manufactured products,
6) the control of the measurement and test apparatus,
7) the control of non-conformities and corrective actions,
8) the storage of records, especially the final test documents.

The certified factory will be audited once a year to verify the implementation of the certification rules and the quality documents.

October 9, 2017