HMSG New Office 1

14BC- New Address, Same Passion

HMSG New Office 1
Halfen Moment Singapore official launching by Halfen Moment Group, Managing Director, Rob Van Hareen (middle).

Halfen Moment Singapore has now expanded its footprint in Singapore with the official opening of our brand new office at 14 Benoi Crescent, Singapore 629977.

HMSG New Office 2

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18
Office opening speech by the Directors to all staff of Halfen Moment Singapore and business partners.
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (1) WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (2) WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (4) HMSG New Office 4
Certificate of appreciation to dedicated employees who have contributed to the new office opening

We hope this expansion will makes us work harder, smarter and serve our customers better. This expansion is the testimony to the fact that there is an immense potential in the talent here and we will continue to strengthening operations in Singapore.

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PIA Awards Halfen Moment

IC Nominated For Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) 2019

Halfen Moment is proud to have Invisible Connections to be nominated as Top 10 entries to the Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) during the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) from 4 – 6 September 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Organized by Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, nominees of PIA 2019 were chosen based on the key points below:

    1. “Thinking out of the box” construction methods, processes and products
    2. Involvement by workers and staff in the construction sector to create innovative projects/products that will result in significant enhancements at their workplaces

All in all, productivity and innovation are the keys to improving competitiveness of the construction sector and to reduce reliance on manpower.

PIA Awards Halfen Moment
Halfen Moment team explaining the application and benefits of Invisible Connections Products at PIA awards 2019 in Singapore

What Is Invisible Connection?

TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors – Precast Landing to core wall connection

Invisible Connection is developed to solve unsightly support systems for precast connections. Methodology primarily for precast staircases and landings, they can also be used as support systems for precast beams and slabs. This is to remove the unpleasant looking support systems, traditional bracketry or corbel supports.
Invisible Connections TSS & Recess
 Corbel free construction using Invisible Connections

Benefits of Invisible Connection

Use of Invisible Connection at precast staircases helps to speed up construction. The methodology involves procurement of precast staircase flights (inclusive of landing) at controlled environment, followed by site installation.

Invisible connection method achieves higher productivity up to 55%. With the reduction of work processes, there are improvements in terms of manpower and materials. It also minimizes temporary propping and scaffolding. With minimum temporary propping and scaffolding, there is saving in materials, resulting in cleaner and safer construction site. As safety hazard related to working at height can also be reduced.
Invisible Connections TSS41
By using our systems you avoid welding and bolting on site. Only filling up the recesses with mortar is needed. Uniform performance.

For further details, please contact our or visit our office where we can showcase you the actual Invisible Connections products!

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HM Team

Eurocode 2 – Design of Fastenings For Use In Concrete With IES & IEM

Institute of Engineering Singapore (IES) and Institute of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) had a collaboration with Halfen Moment on a full-day seminar this September 2019 at Furama Riverfront, Singapore and Armada Hotel, Malaysia respectively.

The seminar was lead by speaker from Halfen Moment Singapore, Gary Connah and Stefan Lammert from Halfen International GmbH.

HM Speakers
(Left) Gary Connah,  Stefan Lammert

The title of the seminar is EN1992-4:2018 Eurocode 2 – Design of Fastenings For Use In Concrete, which covers the following topic:
• Common design principles and development of EN1992-4
• Detailed anchoring principles of cast in channel
• Health issues relating to anchoring in concrete
• Case studies and innovative installation methods for cast in channel

The full-day course was packed with information and activities knowledge which can be applied by:
• The structural design community, particularly those with a focus on concrete;
• Relevant trade bodies and member associations;
• Structural/civil engineering consultancy services, to understand the most rounded view on the impact of the EN1992-4:2018 Eurocode 2 standard.

Participant Activity
One of the participants answering open-book quiz during the seminar

Certificate of Appreciation
Certificates of Appreciation was presented to representatives from (left) Halfen Gmbh, Halfen Moment Malaysia & Halfen Moment Singapore.

HM Team
Representative from Halfen Moment during IEM Seminar 2019

Interested to a similar talk session with us? Feel free to reach out to us and discuss your project needs with a Halfen Moment Representative. In the mean time, please visit our Anchoring In Concrete product page for further info.

Stay tune for more IES & IEM collaboration events in 2020 and we look forward to meet you in our next event!

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Halfen Moment Global Team

Halfen Moment Participated In IBEW 2019

Themed “Transforming the Way We Build,” IBEW 2019 is the first fully integrated built environment event and the largest in the Asia Pacific region.

Halfen Moment Singapore participated in Innobuild Asia, 1 of the 4 tradeshows held during IBEW (International Built Environment Week) from 3-6 September 2019. Innobuild Asia showcased innovations and technologies that transform the construction industry.  Designed for Asia’s consultants, contractors, agents & distributors, building owners, developers, and planners, it featured the latest innovative construction materials, tools and technologies that helps to improve the productivity and resource efficiency. More than 12,000 people in related industries from Singapore and the neighbouring countries attended this event.

A full range of innovative precast building materials, such as Grout Coupler, Invisible Connections & Wire Loop Box and Precast Shoe were presented at our booth, showcasing the various applications of how Halfen Moment products can be used in a construction, providing solution and possibilities for a faster and safer construction.

Innobuild Halfen Moment Singapore
Halfen Moment introduced a series of innovative precast technology during Innobuild Asia during IBEW 2019

Halfen Moment Global Team
Halfen Moment Singapore team

Precast Buidling Products Halfen Moment
Gary Connah, Halfen Moment’s Technical & Development Manager delivered a talk on ‘Ensuring Robustness of Precast Concrete Connection’ during the showcase event

We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our booth at Innobuild Asia. It was our pleasure and honor as we enjoyed many inspiring conversations.  We consider our participation in this event a success! To learn more about the Halfen Moment products portfolio, please feel free to contact us at

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JKR Seeks Future Collaboration With Halfen Moment


Group photo of all participants from JKR with Halfen Moment team.

Halfen Moment team was invited to present on our CREAM Certified Moment JoinTec Coupler at Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was attended by 50 participants from JKR and 8 representatives from Halfen Moment. The 2-hour talk was lead by the Managing Director of Halfen Moment Singapore, Gary Connah.

Apart from introducing Moment brand range of couplers to the members of JKR, the presentation also covers introduction to Halfen Moment with our product portfolio, metallurgy (domain of materials science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called alloys) and most importantly the obtained qualifications of our building products from certified bodies.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to JKR for inviting us and we are looking forward to work together with JKR in any future projects.



Gary Connah, Halfen Moment, receiving Certificate of Appreciation from Ir. Noreha bt Nordin, Jurutera Awam Penguasa Kanan, Penolong Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Struktur

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[First in Malaysia] CREAM Certified MOMENT Mechanical Splicing System

cream rebar coupler
Halfen Moment is proud to announce that we are the first company in Malaysia to receive quality recognition in accordance to ISO 15835-1: 2009 standard by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), an independent and transparent certification body in Malaysia under CIDB which delivers certificates of conformity to companies that manufacture or fix on-site concrete reinforcing steel or their accessories. 

View our CREAM Certificate

TODAY, the demand for efficient splicing systems have become increasingly important due to increased construction complexities, design requirements, escalating costs and limitations of traditional lap splicing methods. This has driven the need for alternatives that provide both structural robustness and cost effectiveness.

Why So Many Construction Structures Collapsed- How Safe Are We?

With all these catastrophes all around the world, Malaysia has been exposed to the stark reality that we can no longer be considered immune to such tragedies of tragic proportions in term of lives lost, property destruction and even economic collapse.

The government and regulatory bodies have therefore taken serious steps in reviewing current building regulations and codes, to enable structural engineers and constructors to take immediate and necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their design as they are liable if anything happened to the buildings. (refer provisions under CIDB act)

*MS 2500 (Profile) Enforced 1 December 2016 Consultation with industry and testing body on 5 January 2017: Testing requirements for design requirements are not clearly stated. The meeting agreed to adopt AS4600 and EN9590 Part 5 in addition to MS2500. CIDB has submitted the MS2500 revise application to DSM on January 6, 2017.

MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ Connection

MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ mechanical connections conform fully with applicable codes including BS 8110 Pt 1:1997 Clause Bar in Tension and ISO 15835-1:2009. MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ Mechanical Connections actually provide defined ductile behaviour and performs like continuous reinforcing bars Fig 1. MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ Mechanical Connection performs in excess of the ultimate strength point of the bars.

Fig 1: MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ mechanical connections perform beyond the yield point of the bar whereas Lap Splices are only defined in the elastic area. This indicates that the MOMENT ‘Barbreak’ connection which work as a continuous bars provides additional strength and safety all round independent of the quality of the surrounding concrete.

Design Codes and Specifications

In reinforced concrete design, the Structural Engineer is faced with the task of determining where and how reinforcing bars must be spliced in a structure. This must be done to ensure that the national regulations are adhered to and also to make sure that the structure will not suffer a progressive collapse if overloaded.

Due to the minimum connection strength required, it is generally assumed in design that the occurrence of a mechanical connection of two reinforcing bars does not result in a reduction of the anticipated structural strength nor the longitudinal ductility of the reinforcing steel. This would maintain the properties which the reinforced concrete member would have had with a continuous unspliced bar. That is, it is assumed that the use of a mechanical connection does not introduce a structural weakness that could jeopardize the overall structural performance.

Design requirements of the applicable codes as in BS 8110 and EN 1992-1 generally assume a minimum connection strength, but are silent on the details about test methods and conformity assessment. ISO 15835, which is used as the basis for CREAM’s assessment covers all aspects of coupler production and assessment including:

  1. To assess the serviceability, a test is made on a representative gauge length assembly comprising reinforcement of the size, grade and profile to be used and a coupler of the precise type to be used, the permanent elongation after loading to 0.6fy should not exceed 0.10mm,
  2. It also covers tests for couplers to be used for mechanical splices in reinforced concrete structures under predominantly static loads and additional requirements for couplers to be used in structures subjected to high cycle elastic fatigue loading and/or to low cycle elastic-plastic reverse loading to represent seismic activities.

MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ Mechanical Connection and Seismic Design

In a structure undergoing inelastic deformations during an earthquake the tensile stresses in reinforcements may approach the tensile strength of the reinforcements. The requirements for MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ mechanical splices are intended to avoid a splice failure when the reinforcement is subjected to expected stress levels in the plastic regions. In addition to that, in plastic hinge regions, the first part to fail is the concrete where excessive spalling occurs. Once the concrete spalls, the lap splice behaviour is severely compromised, whereas the mechanical splice behaviour remains intact.

Lap Splices (2011 – Turkey) – Concrete spalling results in lower or zero capacity as the concrete that is critical in the load transfer has disappeared.

Mechanical Splices (2017 – Mexico City) – Concrete spalling has no effect on capacity as the mechanical connection is still present.

In seismic consideration:

  1. MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ connections promote full compression capabilities and offer in tension more than the specified ultimate strength of the reinforcing bars ensuring that rupture will only occur in the reinforcing bar before failure in the mechanical connection.
  2. MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ connections are manufactured to the exact standards to withstand a breaking strength of more than 700MPa  thereby promoting adequate strength and ductility so that failure initiates in the concrete rather than the steel reinforcements in the event potential inelastic straining may occur during seismic excitation.


MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ connection offer many advantages to the designer and builder to help improve design and reduce construction time and cost while providing versatility and can help to solve many construction problems today.

As Malaysia progresses in nation building, federal governance, regulations and codes for construction regarding seismic frame construction become more stringent, MOMENT JoinTec ‘Barbreak’ connections, the proven mechanical splice method, provides you with the ability to design and build concrete structures to withstand the test of time.



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What Everyone Is Saying About ECRL?

The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) (Malay: Laluan Rel Pantai Timur) is a planned standard gauge double-track railway link infrastructure project. The construction began in August 2017 was suspended from July 2018 to April 2019. The project was continue with revised construction cost and southern alignment of the rail link.

6 States Combined

ECRL will be connecting 6 different states starting from Selangor going to Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terengganu and stops at Kelantan. This project effectively connects the West Malaysia & East Malaysia with efficient time & cost management for customers.


14 Passengers Only Stations

There will be a total of 14 passengers only stations, 1 freight only station and 5 combined passengers & freight stations. MRL aims to ensure customers’ comfort towards the whole journey.


4 Hours from WP Putrajaya to Kota Bahru, Kelantan and Vice Versa

This project that costs RM44 billion cuts the travelling time of West-East Malaysia to 4-hour with total of 640km versus average of 7-hour drive for 474km. Now we can avoid long ride during festive seasons and opt for cheaper options than flying on plane or helicopter.


3 Interchange Stations –KTMB, ERL and MRT

Any railway project will not be completed without interchange stations – and ECRL will not missed the opportunity for increase accessibility for their potential users. Currently, the project aims to have 3 interchange stations with Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), Express Rail Link (ERL) presently connects KL Sentral and KLIA and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that connects Sg. Buloh to/from Kajang.


2 Services Provided – Passenger Train & Freight Train

There will be 2 service provided by ECRL namely Passenger Train that can speeds up to 160km/h and Freight Train that speeds up to 80km/h. This development too will include with double tracking for simultaneous ride to and fro at any point of the track.


1 Aim – To Stimulate Economic Growth Along ECRL Corridor

The development of the ECRL will encourage economic growth along the corridor, many business opportunities will rise with this project. Upon announcement of this project, there are 1,321 submissions from Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), break down to – 859 submissions or 65% are of G7 category of CIDB-rated companies, 134 submissions from Grade G5, 132 submissions from Grade G4 and 104 submissions and 92 submissions from Grade G3 and Grade G6 respectively. The project also encourages bumiputera participation that consists of 994 bumiputera engineering and construction companies representing 75.25% of the overall registration.


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ECRL Construction

Top 3 Building Products for Railway Construction You Should be Talking About

Rail transport is still today one of the main transportation method in many countries and remains a key driver of development and socio-economic rebalancing in local areas. The need to create new and strategically important routes has made railway construction one of the most relevant sectors on the global scene.

To ensure high levels of transport safety, railway builders and construction partners involved in this sector must adhere to strict safety standards to use quality construction accessories and innovation to optimise construction for a safer and cost effective railway.

You will always find the following products during the construction of any railway project:
• Post Tensioning System to allow longer span of beams for bridges so less pillars are needed.
• Cast in Channel to fix and support railway services especially if overhead electrification is selected.
• Rebar Coupler to simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce rebar congestion.

Post Tensioning System

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-10 at 12.26.19 PM
The use of post tensioning system in the beams in railway construction allows a longer span of bridges which reduces the number of pillar required. With lesser pillars, there will be less foundation which eventually reduce cost and also construction time.  This minimises the interruption to the existing landscape and will give the planner or designers to have more flexibility and options in plotting out the routes. There is a huge impact to the buildability especially in most MRT/LRT railway projects when they are built in Metropolitan cities which are highly congested with existing services and landscape.

Cast-In Channel

Cast In Channel Tunneling
Cast-in channel provides flexibility in fixing points, therefore future proofing the construction to allow for changes in the arrangement of the services.  The use of cast in channel in fixing the services gives a shorter installation time and therefore reduces the duration of the project.  The superb tolerances feature make the installation faster and easier.

Rebar Coupler

Rebar Coupler for Railway
Rebar couplers offer a full strength connection. They are suitable for projects of any size, including those requiring a high volume of couplers, such as road and rail bridges where fatigue performance may also be a factor.  The use of couplers reduces the congestion of reinforcement bars and this will enhance the buildability which also means speeding up the construction progress.

Halfen Moment has always invested in and consolidating know-how, by providing innovative building solutions for our customers to develop railway construction projects. Contact us today to start improve your project productivity cost effectively!


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Halfen Moment Wins Most Active Organisation Award


We are delighted to announce that Halfen Moment Malaysia has won 2018 Most Active Organisation Award during the IEM’s 60th Annual Dinner and Awards Night.

This is a very proud day for everyone associated with Halfen Moment and we thank you for your continued support. Special shout out to The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) for the honor, truly an award that belongs to our dedicated team as we drive innovative change in the construction industry relentlessly.

Last but not least, thank you to all Malaysian Engineers and our amazing clients whom made this happen!


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Precast IBS Wall Panel

Latest Developments in Precast Concrete Connections

State of The Art Technologies

The connection of precast components on construction sites has always been a difficult challenge due to manufacturing tolerances and the need to transfer loads through the structure; even more so when you factor in a required resilience to a seismic events. Precast components are inherently stiff, so it is essential that the connection components are robust enough to allow the structure to absorb the energy of the earthquake, whilst providing enough robustness to avoid collapse.

There are a number of ways of doing this such as via:
• Grouted Coupler to connect walls and columns to foundations
• Wire Loop Box to connect walls together
• Precast Coupler to connect precast elements
• Dowel Systems for connecting slabs to walls

Moment® Grout Coupler

Grout coupler are traditionally used in the bottom of a column or wall as a means to connect on to starter bars protruding from the foundation. Although they might often be designed as a pin connection, the reality is that this will transfer moment from the foundation in to the wall or column and should therefore always be made of a ductile material that does not compromise the ductility of the steel reinforcement that it is coupling together. To that end, the coupler should always be of a “bar break” type where there is a considerable factor of safety between the bar failure and the coupler failure capacities.

Grout Coupler on Site

Moment® Wire Loop Box

Wire loop boxes are prefabricated components with a constant rebate geometry and 1 or 2 high strength (c. 1600-1800MPa) wire loops. Loops from adjacent elements then overlap during installation of the panels and are secured using a reinforcing bar and a high early strength grout to complete the connection.

They are usually used to connect 2 adjacent precast panels together, where the interlocking rebar and wire loops provides robustness in the event of an Earthquake to ensure that grout degradation would not result in complete collapse.

81Loop Box Used on Site

Moment® Connection Loop

Connection Loop is a single-wire loop used to connect 2 precast boxes for the prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC).

In order to connect 2 precast elements, both precast elements has to be cast with the Moment® Connection Loop at the wall. A rebar will then be inserted through the intersection of 2 loops. After placing the rebar, the gap between the precast elements will need to be grouted using a 40Mpa or 70MPa non shrink grout depending on the application. Material strength of the Moment® Connection Loop is 1770N/mm  and complies to EN12385-4:2002+A1.

Moment Connection Loop PPVC

HEK Precast Coupler

The HEK Precast coupler is an innovative and versatile solution for fast and easy connection of precast concrete elements.

Cast-in DEMU Fixing anchors i.e. T-FIXX®, bolt or bar anchors transfer the tension and shear force into the precast element.

The main advantage of the system is the fast and efficient positioning of precast elements. The connection can be subjected to load immediately after installation. This results in a substantial improvement in construction time.

 HALFEN HEK Precast couplerHEK Precast Coupler Application with DEMU Fixing Anchor

Invisible Connections

Shear dowel systems are always a challenge as they generally require very tight tolerances to ensure effective load transfer, so systems without grout and oversized holes are almost impossible. Traditionally, precast slabs such as stair landings used to be supported by a steel angle bolted to the wall. Installation was slow, required high degrees of accuracy, tied up the crane with costly hook- time and could only be used on straight walls.

But by keeping the grouting to a minimum, one such technology – Invisible Connections – has revolutionized the use of precast all throughout Northern Europe; it is a patented system, with its origins in Norway, to connect precast concrete without use of corbels or steel angles, and is used extensively throughout Europe due to the independently tested and certified European Technical Approval (ETA [4]) that provides engineers with peace of mind about the capacities.

The product range of Invisible Connections consists mainly of TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors & BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors.

85         BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors

Another topic relating to Invisible Connections will be covered as a future topic in our Academy site.


There are many good technologies available, but a dependence on local testing and local reference projects will hinder and slow down their introduction. An increased readiness to accept the certification schemes for prequalification that exist overseas such as ETA[4] and ICC certification where appropriate, will mean that the technologies can help keep pace with the requirements of the precast industry.

For further enquires related to precast connections, feel free to contact us, our engineering team will be happy to assist you further.


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