Innovative Shortcut For Precast Connections


Developer: Micron Technology
Client: JEKS Group
Product Supplied: Moment Grout Coupler

Project Description

Micron Technology’s new center of excellence for SSD Assembly and Test is located in Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang, Malaysia. This new facility development is located on a 52.6-acre site which represents an investment of US$356.6 million (RM1.5 billion) over five years.

The Problem: The conventional method of lapping long rebars according to Eurocode standards has caused inconveniences on site. Handling long lapped length of rebars protruding from precast beams and columns is very tedious. Not to mention that the long starter bars are very dangerous to be installed which has alarmed safety concern from the site management.

Long rebar lap length caused long installation time on site along with safety concern

The Solution

After understanding the pain points of our client, instead of using the conventional method which involves corrugated duct and long lapping of rebars, Halfen Moment proposed the solution of using Moment Grout Coupler to connect precast beams & columns.

With the application of Moment Grout Coupler, our client were able to reduce 60 to 70% of the rebar lapping length with this rebar coupler system, saving more rebars and also reduce the installation time. Moreover, when the long rebars length were reduced significantly, site safety factor has been improved as well.

Besides, the advantage of Moment Grout Coupler as a transitional coupler gave more flexibility to our client as the rebar sizes varies from level to level on site. Lastly, the rough surface of the coupler’s body managed to provide a strong bonding between the coupler and the concrete.

Moment Grout Coupler with precast elements before casting

The Result

Our client was very happy with the quality of the supplied Moment Grout Coupler, especially when barbreak system was achieved when testing was conducted. Overall, the usage of Moment Grout Coupler has make our client’s life much easier, not only to the precasters but also the contractors from Micron’s project. Nonetheless, the time saving from connecting precast beams and columns, has improved our client’s productivity, with less workers needed.

Micron Moment Grout Coupler 
Once filled with grout, bracing around the element can be removed after 3 days

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MoA Halfen Moment x UM

Enhancing Construction Accessories Research With University Malaya

Amazing time at University of Malaya, where Halfen Moment signed a MoA with the World’s 15th Best Engineering Faculty of UM. The cooperation will focus on R&D of new building technologies and building talent capacity in the civil engineering area.

MoA Halfen Moment x UM

MoA Halfen Moment x UM

A big industrial player like Halfen Moment working closely together with the University fits exactly in one of the core values – Teamwork – of our company which was expressed in the speech of Rob van Haaren – Managing Director of Halfen Moment Group as well during the ceremony. This cooperation is a long term journey and will raise the bar, not only for students but as well as the building community.

MoA Halfen Moment x UM

The MOU was signed by Rob Van Haaren and Datuk Ir. (Dr.) Abdul Rahim Hashim – Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya signed on behalf of University Malaya. With this MoA, we look forward for more important engineering discoveries and technological breakthroughs.

MoA Halfen Moment x UM

Before the ceremony ended, KC Loh – Technical Manager of Halfen Moment took advantage of this opportunity to introduce our products and services to Datuk Ir. (Dr.) Abdul Rahim Hashim in accordance to Moment values of Ownership.

Construction is becoming more and more a dynamic and challenging industry, this collaboration provides us with unlimited opportunities and driving force behind our strategy for innovation. Building on the knowledge and research from University Malaya’s graduates and postgraduates, we hope to provide the building industry with new and better solutions in order to speed up efficiency in construction.

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Hume Concrete

Welcome Hume Concrete!

Hume Concrete is one of the largest manufacturer of precast concrete products in Malaysia. We at Halfen Moment welcomed 20 Hume Concrete’s employees for a half day visit at our factory, which gave them the opportunity to have a detailed tour around the state-of-the-art headquarters of the Halfen Moment Group. 

Hume Concrete
With our professional engineers, the sessions started with product briefing led by Gary Connah – Halfen Moment Singapore’s Managing Director and a factory visit led by KC Loh – Technical Manager.

Hume Concrete
The factory visit included an exclusive guided tour around our office and factory, the group has the opportunity to observed the process of rebar threading, duct manufacturing and understanding the wide range of our innovative construction accessories portfolio.

Hume Concrete
Among our representatives include, Rob Van Haaren – Halfen Moment Group’s Managing Director, June Ng – Sales & Marketing Director and Hafiz Othman – Design Engineer.

This factory visit is yet another opportunity for Hume Concrete to become first hand witnesses of the cutting-edge manufacturing process and stringent quality controls practiced, which will give them the confidence to build their future success with Halfen Moment. It was an enriching and knowledgeable experience where we discussed how our new products provides the endless possibilities for the precast concrete structure.

One of the core values of the Halfen Moment group is Teamwork. Not only internally but especially with stakeholders, government bodies and clients. Many thanks to our Engineering team for leading this motivating experience and welcome to the future of construction accessories!

Interested to learn more about our products, services or visit to our company? Contact our representatives for a personalized agenda!

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IESN 2019

Proud Gold Sponsor Of IESN 2019

Halfen Moment is the Gold Sponsor of International Engineering Students’ Night (IESN) 2019, an annual event initiated by the Engineering Faculty of University Malaya to develop bonding between international students and also aims to introduce the multinational engineering companies to the students.

IESN 2019 IESN 2019

Our Technical Manager, KC Loh, delivering his speech, connecting young engineers on behalf of Halfen Moment.

IESN 2019

The event was kicked off by performances from the international students, continued with speeches from esteemed guests and country ambassadors. Interactive sessions were held during the evening to exchange ideas between local and international students.

IESN 2019

On behalf of Halfen Moment, we wish all the best to the engineering students of University Malaya. We hope to see more innovative engineers in the near future that will provide the building and construction industry with new and better solution. 

Feel free to contact us if you would like to explore any possible collaboration! We look forward to meet you in our next event! Stay tune!

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Your Only Rebar Coupler For Precast Connections

Ideal Coupler For Precast Element Connections

The connections between precast elements are a safety critical component in modern day structural precast concrete construction. The success of this construction method goes beyond the structural performance of precast beams and columns; it also includes the performance of the connection. For the connection, the performance is not only limited to the structural robustness, but also embodies simplicity and productivity during the erection process. The connection types employed will not only affect the construction cost and speed but also have an impact on the sections that can be used via the ability for forces and moments to be redistributed throughout the finished structure.

Moment Grout Coupler, consists of a one piece design, is a mechanical splicing designed for connecting precast concrete. Compliant with ISO 15835, each grout coupler combines the benefits of the Moment JT threaded system and will achieve barbreak when used together with Moment’s proprietary 100MPa grout.*

Specifically for precast connections, Grout Coupler can be used for connecting precast elements (walls, columns, beams) either horizontally or vertically. The most popular connections used with Grout Coupler are:

  1. Column to foundation connections
  2. Column to column connections
  3. Beam to column connections

1. Column To Foundation Connections

For this type of connection, the high tensile steel starter bars are left protruding from the foundation. After that, a precast column with vertical sleeves at the end is placed over the starter bars. The sleeves are the filled in with grout to provide a connection. This connection has the ability to provide moment resistance at the connection between column end to footing. Additional technologies such as precast shoes can then be used to eliminate the need for propping.


2. Column To Column Connections

Similar to the above application, this enables the launching of one column section on top of another one whilst providing full moment continuity across the joint. This is specifically important on projects with large column sections as the height of the element is often limited to less than 1 storey because of crane capacity limits.


3. Beam To Column Connections

You can use grout couplers to overcome one of the biggest challenges in precast concrete construction; a moment resisting frame. In this application, you provide clearance holes through the precast column and use a grouted coupler to provide full continuity through the precast column.


To broaden the field of application, two product types are available: Full Grout Coupler and Half Grout Coupler. The rebars used with a Full Grout Coupler require no bar end preparation, such as threading, and are simply inserted to meet at the nominal centre point of the coupler.

For more information on Moment Grout Coupler, please contact our offices where we can showcase you the actual Grout Coupler as well as our latest innovative precast accessories.

*Lower grout grades might be possible, but it depends on the rib profile of the individual rebar supplier.

Contact Us To Learn More About The Applications Of Grout Coupler!


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The Bolted Coupler Which Does Not Require Rebar Preparation

   MBC Coupler
Developer: Oberoi Realty
Main Contractor: Samsung C&T Corporation
Product Supplied: Moment® Bolt Coupler (MBC)

Project Description

Oberoi 360 project is a mixed development located in the Worli, district of Mumbai, Commercial & High end Residential Hub of Mumbai, north of the central business district. The site, lying just 600 meters east of the Arabian Sea, is contextualized around the nearby water. As most of the surrounding buildings are low-rise, the tower’s western facing sightlines are maximized to offer views of the sea.

The Requirement : Rebars protruding from the foundation piles were too short to allow traditional lapped splice.

MBC Application
A nut runner is always recommended to tighten the bolts for higher precision and faster installation.

The Solution

The best solution for the continuity of bars protruding from the foundation piles is using the Moment Bolt Coupler (MBC). As the bar end does not need to be prepared in advance, MBC coupler is a flexible solution for contractors. It only requires a wrench or a nut runner  to tighten the bolts along its serrated hollow body. Hence, it is easy to operate even in a confined area at site.  The installation is very straight forward with simple demonstration and guidance.

The Result

Halfen Moment India supplies a significant amount of MBC coupler to this mixed development project , which proves that MBC coupler is the ideal and cost effective coupler for remedial and repair works, particularly when one bar is already fixed in the concrete. The team of Samsung & Oberoi appreciate the convenience of this coupler as it managed to save more time and were able to execute the work well in advance.

MBC Application
Using MBC coupler is a cost effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place.

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20170411_162705 (1)

How To Connect ‘Mistakenly Shortened Rebars’ At Site?

There are 2 common methods to connect reinforcement bars.

The traditional way of connecting rebar is by overlapping 2 rebars, with typical lap lengths of between 30 and 50 times the diameter of the rebar in accordance with EN1992-1-1.

The modern way of connecting rebars is by using a mechanical splice system; a mechanical connection between two pieces of rebar that enable the bars to behave in a manner similar to continuous length of rebar. Most mechanical splices join rebar end-to-end along with the rebar threads, providing many of the advantages of a continuous piece of rebar, which is more reliable. Read more: Mechanical Splices VS Lap Splicing

MBC- The Ideal Coupler for Remedial & Repair Works

If the rebar lap length was shortened by mistake, we will not be able to connect both rebars if:
1) The lap length is less than that specified for a particular application.
2)  There is no way we can thread on either side of the rebars at site/ the rebars are being planted vertically

Like any other engineering problem, this situation may have other solutions like welding, drilling in additional rebar, depending on the site conditions, codes, materials used and the structure that is going to rest on this foundation.

However, the best way to connect this is the Moment Bolt Coupler (MBC), a bolted coupler which does not require any rebar preparation, designed for the connection of two rebars which haven’t been previously threaded.

Each MBC coupler features a serrated hollow body which will grip the rebar. A number of bolts along one side will press the bar against the serrations and lock both bar ends and complete the connection.

Bolts Designed to Shear Off at a Specified Torque

MBC coupler is a cost effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place and there is insufficient space for a hydraulic swaging press. Below are the benefits of MBC coupler.

• No threading required. Installation can be done by using a wrench.
• Bar ends are supported within the coupler by reversed teeth on the internal wall, and as the lock shear bolts are tightened, the conical ends embed themselves into the bar and press the bar on to the teeth.
• Excellent for remedial & repair works where one bar is already fixed in concrete.
• Capacity load higher than 108% characteristic yield strength of grade 500 reinforcing bar.
MBC Bolted Rebar Coupler
Nut runner is strongly recommended to tighten the bolts for higher precision and faster installation.

For more information on the best solution for remedial & repair works, please feel free to contact us at for a no obligation technical presentation!


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The Bolted Coupler Which Does Not Require Rebar Preparation

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HMSG New Office 1

14BC- New Address, Same Passion

HMSG New Office 1
Halfen Moment Singapore official launching by Halfen Moment Group, Managing Director, Rob Van Hareen (middle).

Halfen Moment Singapore has now expanded its footprint in Singapore with the official opening of our brand new office at 14 Benoi Crescent, Singapore 629977.

HMSG New Office 2

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18
Office opening speech by the Directors to all staff of Halfen Moment Singapore and business partners.
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (1) WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (2) WhatsApp Image 2019-08-30 at 13.05.18 (4) HMSG New Office 4
Certificate of appreciation to dedicated employees who have contributed to the new office opening

We hope this expansion will makes us work harder, smarter and serve our customers better. This expansion is the testimony to the fact that there is an immense potential in the talent here and we will continue to strengthening operations in Singapore.

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PIA Awards Halfen Moment

IC Nominated For Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) 2019

Halfen Moment is proud to have Invisible Connections to be nominated as Top 10 entries to the Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) during the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) from 4 – 6 September 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Organized by Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, nominees of PIA 2019 were chosen based on the key points below:

    1. “Thinking out of the box” construction methods, processes and products
    2. Involvement by workers and staff in the construction sector to create innovative projects/products that will result in significant enhancements at their workplaces

All in all, productivity and innovation are the keys to improving competitiveness of the construction sector and to reduce reliance on manpower.

PIA Awards Halfen Moment
Halfen Moment team explaining the application and benefits of Invisible Connections Products at PIA awards 2019 in Singapore

What Is Invisible Connection?

TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors – Precast Landing to core wall connection

Invisible Connection is developed to solve unsightly support systems for precast connections. Methodology primarily for precast staircases and landings, they can also be used as support systems for precast beams and slabs. This is to remove the unpleasant looking support systems, traditional bracketry or corbel supports.
Invisible Connections TSS & Recess
 Corbel free construction using Invisible Connections

Benefits of Invisible Connection

Use of Invisible Connection at precast staircases helps to speed up construction. The methodology involves procurement of precast staircase flights (inclusive of landing) at controlled environment, followed by site installation.

Invisible connection method achieves higher productivity up to 55%. With the reduction of work processes, there are improvements in terms of manpower and materials. It also minimizes temporary propping and scaffolding. With minimum temporary propping and scaffolding, there is saving in materials, resulting in cleaner and safer construction site. As safety hazard related to working at height can also be reduced.
Invisible Connections TSS41
By using our systems you avoid welding and bolting on site. Only filling up the recesses with mortar is needed. Uniform performance.

For further details, please contact our or visit our office where we can showcase you the actual Invisible Connections products!

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HM Team

Eurocode 2 – Design of Fastenings For Use In Concrete With IES & IEM

Institute of Engineering Singapore (IES) and Institute of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) had a collaboration with Halfen Moment on a full-day seminar this September 2019 at Furama Riverfront, Singapore and Armada Hotel, Malaysia respectively.

The seminar was lead by speaker from Halfen Moment Singapore, Gary Connah and Stefan Lammert from Halfen International GmbH.

HM Speakers
(Left) Gary Connah,  Stefan Lammert

The title of the seminar is EN1992-4:2018 Eurocode 2 – Design of Fastenings For Use In Concrete, which covers the following topic:
• Common design principles and development of EN1992-4
• Detailed anchoring principles of cast in channel
• Health issues relating to anchoring in concrete
• Case studies and innovative installation methods for cast in channel

The full-day course was packed with information and activities knowledge which can be applied by:
• The structural design community, particularly those with a focus on concrete;
• Relevant trade bodies and member associations;
• Structural/civil engineering consultancy services, to understand the most rounded view on the impact of the EN1992-4:2018 Eurocode 2 standard.

Participant Activity
One of the participants answering open-book quiz during the seminar

Certificate of Appreciation
Certificates of Appreciation was presented to representatives from (left) Halfen Gmbh, Halfen Moment Malaysia & Halfen Moment Singapore.

HM Team
Representative from Halfen Moment during IEM Seminar 2019

Interested to a similar talk session with us? Feel free to reach out to us and discuss your project needs with a Halfen Moment Representative. In the mean time, please visit our Anchoring In Concrete product page for further info.

Stay tune for more IES & IEM collaboration events in 2020 and we look forward to meet you in our next event!

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