PanaHome Malaysia Sdn BhdHalf Grout Coupler
Main Contractor: PanaHome Malaysia
Product Supplied: Moment® Half Grout Coupler

Project Description

PanaHome Malaysia uses the Wall-Panel Concrete (W-PC) construction method (a pre fabrication construction method involving large concrete panels moulded at a temporary factory at the development site and later assembled using a crane) to build double-storeys semi-detached innovative eco-homes. This project utilizes the reinforced concrete panel technology to be more environmental friendly, energy-efficient and to ensure consistent high quality building structure.

The Requirement: A mechanical connector to connect the reinforcing bars end to end, suitable for assembling precast elements.

The Solution

The best solution for precast elements connection is the Moment® Half Grout Coupler. With the feature of a threaded end (used for the connection to reinforcement at the precast yard) and a wide cavity to perform a grout connection at site, Half Grout Coupler is designed to provide structural integrity between load bearing precast concrete elements such as columns, beams, shear walls, and panels.

Moment Half Grout Coupler Cast Half Grout Coupler

Moment® Half Grout coupler was mounted on T16 rebar which has been threaded with JoinTec threading which makes the installation easier as the first rebar has been tightly screwed to the couplers before casting. The couplers were installed at the bottom of each precast element, are then cast as part of the precast wall panel element.


After bracing the precast panel in its final position, non-shrink grout was injected into the cavity of the coupler to create the rebar connection. Moment® Half Grout coupler requires less usage of grout and is not dependent on any specific type of grout. Different brands of grout can be used, easing local scouring and to keep the costing low. The bracing around the panel was then removed after the grout has attain the prescribed strength.

The Result

Halfen Moment Malaysia proudly supplied more than 50,000 pieces of Moment® Half Grout coupler to this project, which also proves that the use of Half Grout coupler for precast panel is a time-saving and economical way to quickly take advantage of the precast technology.



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January 11, 2018