Developer: Micron Technology
Client: JEKS Group
Product Supplied: Moment Grout Coupler

Project Description

Micron Technology’s new center of excellence for SSD Assembly and Test is located in Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang, Malaysia. This new facility development is located on a 52.6-acre site which represents an investment of US$356.6 million (RM1.5 billion) over five years.

The Problem: The conventional method of lapping long rebars according to Eurocode standards has caused inconveniences on site. Handling long lapped length of rebars protruding from precast beams and columns is very tedious. Not to mention that the long starter bars are very dangerous to be installed which has alarmed safety concern from the site management.

Long rebar lap length caused long installation time on site along with safety concern

The Solution

After understanding the pain points of our client, instead of using the conventional method which involves corrugated duct and long lapping of rebars, Halfen Moment proposed the solution of using Moment Grout Coupler to connect precast beams & columns.

With the application of Moment Grout Coupler, our client were able to reduce 60 to 70% of the rebar lapping length with this rebar coupler system, saving more rebars and also reduce the installation time. Moreover, when the long rebars length were reduced significantly, site safety factor has been improved as well.

Besides, the advantage of Moment Grout Coupler as a transitional coupler gave more flexibility to our client as the rebar sizes varies from level to level on site. Lastly, the rough surface of the coupler’s body managed to provide a strong bonding between the coupler and the concrete.

Moment Grout Coupler with precast elements before casting

The Result

Our client was very happy with the quality of the supplied Moment Grout Coupler, especially when barbreak system was achieved when testing was conducted. Overall, the usage of Moment Grout Coupler has make our client’s life much easier, not only to the precasters but also the contractors from Micron’s project. Nonetheless, the time saving from connecting precast beams and columns, has improved our client’s productivity, with less workers needed.

Micron Moment Grout Coupler 
Once filled with grout, bracing around the element can be removed after 3 days


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November 18, 2019