Ankrochim Resin Anchor

Ankrochim SF 800+ is a new generation anchoring resin based on vinyl ester and packed in cartridges. The resin and the hardener are mixed together in the nozzle attached to the end of the cartridge. The new formula has been specially composed so that the chemical anchoring is easy to apply, in summer and in winter, in solid and hollow bearing structures and in dry and wet conditions. This formula also has the advantage of being odor-free.


The key benefits for Ankrochim SF 800+ are as per below:

  • Easy to inject 300ml cartridge
  • The processing temperature after anchoring between – 400 C and +800
  • Can be used in the most aggressive environments (example: salt water, swimming pool)
  • Use in ceilings permitted
  • Odor-free resin, it contains no styrenes nor any other solvents
  • Is not hazardous, not flammable
  • When hardened the resin is not toxic and is suitable for use with potable water
  • The properties recover after temporary exposure to high temperatures (fire)

Ankrochim SF 800+ along with the dispenser


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