DEMU Fixing Anchors

DEMU fixing anchors from HALFEN are intended for permanent fastening of attachments and structural components to concrete. The diverse product range of DEMU fixing anchors in combination with a user friendly dimensioning software allows engineers to design with minimized effort and to ensure for safe, durable and efficient fastening. Covered by an European Technical Approval DEMU fixing anchors are also applicable for critical applications and fastenings that are relevant for life safety!

Examples for typical application:
• Structural steel connections
• Fixing of railings for balconies and bridges
• Fixing of props on precast elements
• Fastening of utility equipment, power lines
• Securing lightweight ducts, lighting or wiring
• Fixing of steel ladders, stairs and profiles

Key benefits:
• Reliable performance covered by European Technical Assessment
• Easy selection via user friendly dimensioning software
• High degree of safety – not depending on workmanship compared to traditional systems
• High load capacity
• No drilling or welding
• Based on mechanical interlock principle, hence suitable for cracked concrete
• Available in different materials and finish

DEMU Fixing Anchors may be used in cracked or non-cracked concrete for transmission of tensile loads, shear loads or a combination of both

Almost Unlimited In Its Range Of Application.
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