HALFEN Anchor Bolt Systems

Chemical Anchor Bolt
for non-cracked concrete

1. HB -V Chemical Anchor Bolt GV/FV
Zinc plated / hot-dip galvanized

2. HB-V Chemical Anchor Bolt A4/HCR
stainless steel A4 / HCR

Injection System – chemical
for cracked and non-cracked concrete

3. HB -VMZ Injection System GV
Zinc plated

4. HB-VMZ Injection System A4/HCR
Zinc plated

Mechanical Heavy Duty Anchors

Wedge Anchors
for non-cracked concrete

5. HB -B Wedge Anchor GV/FV
Zinc plated / hot-dip galvanized

6. HB-B Wedge Anchor A4 /HCR
stainless steel A4 / HCR

Wedge Anchors
for cracked and non-cracked concrete

7. HB -BZ Wedge Anchor GV
zinc plated

8. HB-BZ Wedge Anchor A4/HCR
zinc plated

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HB Anchor Bolt System

Injection system VMU

Chemical Anchor Bolt HB-V
The HB-V A4 Chemical Anchor Bolt with ETA approval consists of a glass capsule filled with synthetic resin, hardener and quartz additives, as well as the HB -V-A anchor rod. The components in the capsule are mixed while the anchor rod is driven in, forming a fast-setting synthetic resin adhesive. This established anchoring system does not cause expansion forces and therefore is able to bear heavy loads even when the available spacing and edge distances are quite small. The drill hole is sealed by the synthetic resin adhesive.


Injection system HB-VMZ
The HB -VMZ Injection System consists of an anchor rod with conical expansion elements and a 2-component injection adhesive. This combination makes it possible to transfer heavy loads into the base material while maintaining small spacing and edge distances and sealing the drill hole. It thus combines the advantages of chemical anchors and wedge anchors in a fastening system for cracked and non-cracked concrete with technical approval for Europe. Where up to now fasteners were not permitted because the concrete component was not thick enough, it is now possible to use the HB-VMZ Injection System.
Even in wet drill holes it is possible to fit all sizes of anchors without any reduction of load-bearing capacity, from anchor size 100 M12 even in drill holes filled with water. An outstanding feature is also the approval of the HALFEN HB -VMZ Injection System for installation at temperatures down to -5 °C. This system can be installed in nearly all weathers and at any time of year. This very comprehensive product range, which comprises all sizes from M8 to M24, combines optimum size and fixture thickness resulting in considerable cost advantages, particularly in larger projects.

Product Overview

HB-VMU 420 Cartridge

HB-VMU 345 Cartridge

HB-VMU 150 Cartridge

HB-VMU-A Anchor Rod

HB-VMU-IG Internal Thread Sleeve

Wedge Anchor HB-B

The HB-B Wedge Anchor (ETA option 7) is a highly efficient bolt-type anchor for in-place installation for fixing suspended ceilings and similar fixtures in non-cracked concrete. It combines high load bearing capabilities with small anchor spacings and edge distances. There are 150 different sizes and models for a wide range of uses in medium to heavy-duty applications. Approved sizes with stainless steel expansion sleeve.

Wedge Anchor HB-BZ

The HB-BZ Wedge Anchor (ETA, Option 1) combines heavy approved loads with small spacings and edge distances. The expansion cone has been covered with a durable, heat resistant anti-friction coating that prevents any direct contact between the cone and expansion segments and makes sure that the anchor exhibits follow-up expansion in the event of cracking of concrete.

Drop-in Anchor HB-E

The HB-E Drop-in Anchor has been approved under ETA, option 7. The two-stage deformable expansion cone, which guarantees the expansion of the anchor sleeve in different strengths of concrete, ensures that the installation of the HB -E Drop-in Anchor is now safer and faster than before. The marking / setting tool makes contact with the anchor sleeve and leaves a visible marking as proof of correct installation. The controlled expansion allows for significantly smaller spacings and edge distances. Advantage: when using a marking / setting tool as recommended by ETA, no load testing has to be carried out.

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