Moment® Grout Coupler

Moment® Half Grout Coupler

Specifically made for precast concrete connections, the Moment® Half Grout coupler system combines the benefits of the Moment® JT threaded system, with the flexibility and tolerance of a grout system.

When used together with Moment’s proprietary 100MPa grout, the coupler system is a bar break technology and is capable of carrying very high bar loads. On one end the coupler receives a threaded rebar, whereas the opposite end provides the flexibility of a grout system. Consist of a one piece design, the coupler is capable of carrying very high loads.

Qualitative threading services will be provided for a hassle free application by the contractor.

Moment® Half Grout Coupler

Drawing showing the Moment® Half Grout Coupler

Moment® Full Grout Coupler

Complementing the Half Grout coupler, the Full Grout coupler can be used either for precast or insitu connections where additional tolerance is needed and the reinforcing bars cannot be threaded or prepared.

Moment® Full Grout Coupler

Drawing showing the Moment® Full Grout Coupler

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