Moment® JoinTec Coupler

The Moment® JoinTec (JT) coupler ensures full performance splicing joint with its proof stressed bar ends. The extended long thread provides swift installation simply by turning the coupler instead of the bar itself.

While lap splicing depend largely on the bond between concrete and steel to transfer load, Moment® JoinTec coupler with its unique parallel – thread, assures positive alignment locking connection thus providing a load path of continuity and structural integrity. The Moment® JoinTec coupler behaves as a continuous length reinforcement bar by promoting full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal situations.

Stringent compliance with current concrete design standards. The use of Moment® JoinTec coupler eliminates tedious calculations to determine the proper lap lengths. Moment® JoinTec coupler also reduces potential design errors while eliminating wastage and unnecessary rebar cost up to 40%. Apart from that, it also greatly reduces congestions thus maintaining healthy balanced steel to concrete ratio. This is nearly impossible with lap splicing because of the additional rebar in the lap zone.

Moment® JoinTec Coupler

Drawing showing the Moment® JoinTec coupler. A straight parallel thread system to provide an absolute barbreak system where the rebar remains the weakest point.

The thread on the end of the rebar can be created as Type A, B or C.
Type A has a single length thread on each of the bars to be coupled. This is ideal for starter bars or short lengths of straight bars where rotation of the second bar is possible.

Type A

Type B has a double thread on one of the bars to be coupled. This facilities the installation of the system by allowing a coupler to be screwed fully on to one of the bars. When the second bar is ready for coupling, the coupler can now be rotated off one bar and on to the other. However, to ensure a tight connection, an additional part turn will be necessary. Therefore, this system is ideal for longer, straight, large diameter bars being installed on site.

Type B

Type C has an extended thread on one of the bars to accommodate a coupler and a lock nut. The lock nut is there to eliminate the need for a part turn of the bar. It is ideal for L Bars and prefabricated bar cages where the rotation of a bar is impossible. Our JoinTec coupler range has various types for different applications. Learn more to get the most suitable steel coupler to match your requirement from Halfen Moment, available in Malaysia, Singapore, India & Philippines.

Type C

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