Moment® Terminator Coupler

The Moment® Terminator coupler assembly is a simple quick solution to eliminate the problems of congestion and placement in heavily reinforced compact concrete structural members in the Anchorage zones, posed by Hooked rebar embedment lengths.

Designed to EN 1992-4 criteria based on Shear Cone Theory. The Moment® Terminator coupler assembly is recommended for use at beam to column anchorage and in column at roof connection as an enlarged coupling secured to the end of a length of reinforcing bar thereby creating an anchorage within the concrete.

Developed full tension and exceeds 125% specified characteristics strength Fy of G460 (BS4449 : 2005 + A2 : 200.9) reinforcement bar.

Moment® Terminator Coupler

Drawing showing the Moment® Terminator Coupler.

Whether you are trying to tie pile cages in to capping beams or curtail reinforcing bars at the end of beams, heavy congestion or other constraints can often mean that bending of bars is impossible, or at very least, incredibly time consuming. Therefore, the Moment® Terminator coupler can be used to fully develop the bar immediately at the surface of the head (providing concrete cone capacity is not critical).

So why do you use hooked rebar anchorage when you can reduce rebar congestion with our Terminator Rebar Coupler? Available in Malaysia, Singapore, India & Philippines, save more with our Steel Coupler!

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