Speedform™ is supplied in sheet form and consists of a steel wire mesh with a heat shrunk layer of polyethylene applied to both sides of the mesh. This combination creates a material that is both light and structurally strong, making it extremely easy to handle.

It is a flexible and versatile form-working material perfect for those radius specifications. The strength and versatility of Speedform™ makes it the natural choice for applications such as ground beams, footings and bases, pile caps, construction joints (stop ends), special shapes or curves, void formation, ribbed and waffle slabs, penetrations, recesses, temporary fencing and safety screens.

The key benefits for Speedform™ are as per below:
• Speedform™ can be pre-formed and delivered to site ready for assembly or it can be simply folded on site using a manual folder.
• Speedform™ is designed for fast assembly. No hammer, nails or saws, just tie-wire.
• Because it is pre-formed, it is easily assembled using on site labour.
• Result in a 60% increase in speed on construction.

The strength and versatility of Speedform™ make it the natural choice for the following applications:

• Ground beams
• Footings & bases
• Pile Caps
• Construction joints (stop ends)
• Special shapes or curves
• Void formation
• Ribbed & waffled slabs
• Penetrations
• Recesses
• Temporary fencing
• Safety screens
• Many other applications


Speedform™ can be formed in a round shape

Speedform On Site

Speedform™ not only improves site safety but also saves times, concrete and labour!

Water Proofing


QUELLMAX® Plus is a technically matured and moreover very price worthy swellable bentonite joint-sealing tape with crystallisation additives. QUELLMAX® Plus is used as a waterstop in concrete construction joints. It is tested up to 7 bar water pressure.

The swellable bentonite waterstop tape consists of bentonite embedded in a matrix of highly molecular polyisobutylene caoutchouc and special fillers and crystalline admixtures (patented composition). Contact with rain or general site water will not activate the product, but when QUELLMAX® Plus is covered by concrete, the alkaline environment breaks down the coating and the QUELLMAX® Plus will then be activated by leak water.

QUELLMAX® Plus is the only swellable bentonite jointsealing tape that can be used without any compromise, because:

  • QUELLMAX® Plus can be installed independently of any weather condition, that means no unwanted swelling during installation (rain-protection)



  • Patented coating delays swelling from contact with water of 72 hours.QUELLMAX® Plus should be placed in in-situ concrete constructions because the swellable bentonite waterstop tape will be completely covered on all sides by concrete (min. 8 cm concrete cover are required) to make sure that the swelling sealing pressure can be built up.The key benefits for QUELLMAX® Plus are as per below:
    · QUELLMAX® Plus seals in two phases:

-First phase: sealing by immediate swelling

-Second phase: sealing by crystallisation

  • Great swelling capacity (> 300 %)
  • Easy Handling
  • No time-consuming setting on edges
  • Self injecting effect, that is to say penetration into any cracks and cavities because of a powerful swelling. Second sealing process by concrete crystallisation
  • Swelling and shrinkage are infinitely reversible
  • Dimensionally extremely stable, not sticky, even at high temperatures in summer
  • High mineral portion, hence no fatigue of materials: Sodium-bentonite reacts even decades after having been incorporated
  • No negative influence on the successful building-site routine

CEMflex VB

The CEMflex VB elements are provided with a special coating on both sides. The connection of the special coating to the concrete prevents any water-flow through the concrete construction joint.


Besides the extremely good connection of the special coated steel plate to the surrounding concrete there are some other chemical reactions such as light swelling, crystallization, self-healing of concrete cracks and a natural sintering / crystallization (natural formation of limestone) of concrete cracks.
Only 3 cm of concrete cover on both sides are necessary to seal the cold joint up to 5 bar (50 m water-pressure). The elements are 2,000 mm long, 150 mm high and about 1.25 mm thick. The special coating is not sticky and therefore no protection foil is necessary, which has to be removed before concrete work starts.


The components of the special coating need water or water-based liquids in order to start automatically the chemical reaction; this natural crystallization process is an active self-healing process! CEMflex VB is an “active“, water reacting steel plate waterstop! This active self-sealing process starts automatically by water contact. The function of this sealing process is secured even after decades of installation.

By the use of CEMflex VB there will always be an automatically (active) waterproofing reaction / process. The crystallization, self-healing of concrete cracks will penetrate deeper and deeper in the concrete structure.
CEMflex VB can be used in all construction joints, horizontally or vertically, up to a maximum water-pressure of 80 meter (8 bar).

Areas of application:

  • Horizontal + vertical sealing of any concrete construction joints!
  • Waterproof cold joints in foundation-, basement-, civil engineering work as well as in tunnel constructions, underground constructions and special-purpose


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