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Speedform™ also known as fast formwork is supplied in sheet form and consists of a steel wire mesh with a heat shrunk layer of polyethylene applied to both sides of the mesh. This combination creates a material that is both light and structurally strong, making it extremely easy to handle. Available in several types inclusive of sacrificial formwork, permanent formwork, flexible formwork and etc.

It is a flexible and versatile form-working material perfect for those radius specifications. The strength and versatility of Speedform™ makes it the natural choice for applications such as ground beams, footings and bases, pile caps, construction joints (stop ends), special shapes or curves, void formation, ribbed and waffle slabs, penetrations, recesses, temporary fencing and safety screens.

The key benefits for Speedform™ are as per below:

• Speedform™ can be pre-formed and delivered to site ready for assembly or it can be simply folded on site using a manual folder.
• Speedform™ is designed for fast assembly. No hammer, nails or saws, just tie-wire.
• Because it is pre-formed, it is easily assembled using on site labour.
• Result in a 60% increase in speed on construction.

The strength and versatility of Speedform™ make it the natural choice for the following applications:

• Ground beams
• Footings & bases
• Pile Caps
• Construction joints (stop ends)
• Special shapes or curves
• Void formation
• Ribbed & waffled slabs
• Penetrations
• Recesses
• Temporary fencing
• Safety screens
• Many other applications


Speedform™ can be formed in a round shape

Speedform On Site

Speedform™ not only improves site safety but also saves times, concrete and labour!

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Speedform™ Brochure

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