MK4 Post Tensioning System

MK4 has been developed based on complete Quality Assurance Programme conforming to ISO 9001:2000 and according to the requirements of the new European code ETAG-013 for Post Tensioning, including the design, production, supply and installation of all the required PT works, as anchorages, auxiliary equipment; pushing strands, stressing and injection. By this way, this complete quality system covers all Post Tensioning work performed by MK4 system.

MeKano4 is a specialized company that offers technical solutions for the construction of bridges and structures, by providing to the market a wide product and service range leading quality and services around the world.

The MK4 Post Tensioning System proposed, includes a gear range of anchorages, accessories and the necessary equipment to respond to the technical requirements for the construction of bridges and other structures. The design and calculation of all the components were performed according to the new European code ETAG-013, which verification is an obligation in all Post Tensioning structures built in the European Union.

As application, we are providing MK4 Post Tensioning system for any structure as bridges, buildings, tanks of liquefied gas LNG, silos, covertures, communication towers, nuclear power stations, suspended structures, etc.

European code ETAG-013 Approved System.
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Live End Anchorage MSA

All anchorages are designed to the same principles, varying only in size and number of strands. Live End anchorages facilitate the introduction of a post tensioning force in the tendon with the tensioning operations carried out by hydraulic jacks.

The MSA Live End anchorages have been designed to comply with the most demanding of international standards such as PTI, BS, etc.

Each basic anchorage consists of a cast trumpet anchor plate and wedges. All the elements of the anchorages and corresponding dimensions have been carefully selected in order to achieve the greatest economy in design.

Multiple Coupler MCB

An economic range of couplers has been designed for ease of assembly on site. Couplers are used to give continuity to the tendons which due to their length or the construction method used in the project, cannot be installed or tensioned as one unit.

The first-stage of the tendon is stressed and anchored in the normal way and the dead end of the second-stage tendon is then assembled around it. The complete coupler assembly is enclosed within a conical/cylindrical cover (trumpet) which has a grout inlet.

Automatic Dead End Anchorage MPA

The unique MK4 Automatic Dead End anchorage MPA is intended to be used at one end of a tendon, the other end being fitted with a live end anchorage MSA.

Its principal characteristic is the automatic retention of the strands by the anchor plate and its primary use is in situations where extrusion grips cannot be fitted satisfactorily due to space limitations.

Semi-bonded Dead End Anchorage MPSB

The anchorage MPSB comprises a bearing plate, extrusion grips and retainer plate. These anchorages are intended to be embedded in the structure and so take advantage of the bond between the strand and concrete.

Where the force has to be transferred to the concrete exclusively via the bearing plate, PE sleeves may be used over the portion of strands between the end of the duct and bearing plate.

Dead End Anchorage with Extrusion Grip MPT

In situations where the anchorages have to be cast into the concrete or are inaccessible, a range of Dead End (Passive) anchorages are provided.

These Dead End anchorages MPT comprise trumpet, anchor plate, extrusion grips and retention plate.

Live End Anchorage MUNB 1/0.6″

The MK4 unbonded mono-strand system uses 15 mm (0.6”) diameter strand and a live end anchorage MUNB 1/0.6” which can also be used as a passive anchorage by incorporating a seal cap and a spring. The strands feature a factory applied corrosion protection system consisting of grease encasement in a polyethylene sheath.

Flat Live End Anchorage ML4/0.6″

MK4 anchorages for slab post tensioning in buildings, bridge decks and other applications consist of up to 5-strands of 15 mm (0.6”) diameter placed in a flat duct with corresponding anchorages ML4/0.6”. The strands are tensioned and locked off individually using a mono-strand jack.

Flat Live End Anchorage ML4/0,5″

Another anchorage used in the slabs is ML4/0,5”, it has a similar design of ML4/0,6”, but it is for strands of 0,5”. The used duct is of 72×18mm.

Flat Dead End Anchorage MPC

For the dead end of the flat anchorages ML, we propose the anchorage type MPC, easy to execute and with high efficiency.

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