Moment® Flat Slab System

Moment® Post Tensioning (MPT) System is designed and tested to meet stringent standards. The range of buildings and civil engineering applications includes:
• Commercial and residential high rise
• Retails shopping centers
• Load transfer structures
• Slabs on grade
• Silos and reservoirs
• Bridges
• Ground anchoring and earth retaining

Moment® Flat Slab System is normally adopted for bonded tendon. The strands are individually gripped in one triangle flat anchor head unit and transmit their pre-stressing forces by means of flat type anchor plate casting unit. The strands are stressed individually by means of a mono strand jack. The strands are contained in one flat duct (duct size: 20mm x 70mm) which is made of corrugated galvanized metal.

To ensure corrosion protection and to give adequate bond strength, the tendons are filled with suitable cement grout mix after complete stressing of the strands. Facilitating of concrete placing due to the absence of tendons in the webs, and ease for placing tendons.

Tested To Meet Stringent Standards.
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Moment® Flat Slab System

Moment® Flat Slab System significantly reduce the amount of concrete and reinforcing steel required.

Moment® Post Tensioning Dead End Anchorage

Stressing of a tendon from one end only, to which the load is applied.

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