Precast Connection and Accessories Supplies

Halfen Moment offers an unrivalled service to the precast concrete industry of Malaysia, Singapore, India and Philippines. Our product portfolio of lifting, fixing and anchoring technologies includes the latest and pioneer technology. We aim to supplies the highest quality of precast connection, precast lifting system & accessories that suit every building’s need.

Moment® Spherical Head Lifting System

The Moment® Spherical Head Lifting System products are engineered and rigorously tested under the strictest quality assurance policy, providing the safest, yet cost competitive solution to the building industry. Our Spherical Head Lifting System includes:
• Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchors
• Moment® Recess Formers
• Moment® Lifting Clutches

Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchors

The Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchor is made of a round steel rod with a forged foot and head. Forged using a special impact resistant steel, the range of Spherical Head Lifting Anchor has been specifically engineered to safely lift precast concrete elements in the most challenging of environments and site conditions.

In the same load group, Spherical Head Lifting Anchors are available with different lengths. Longer anchors are installed for reduced edge spacing or for low concrete strengths. A visible manufacturer’s mark is embossed on each anchor; this contains our brand Moment® Lifting (ML), the length of the anchor in mm and the load class.

The key benefits and features for Spherical Head Lifting Anchors are as per below:
• Safe, quick, efficient
• Durable clutch is resistant to abrasion
• Huge range of anchors and accessories for all types of precast elements
• 8 load classes from 1.3 to 32.0
• Ideal for beam or wall elements

A wide range of Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchors from 1.3T to 32.0T

Moment® Recess Formers

Moment® Recess Formers are used to accurately create the correct recess to accommodate the Locking Klaws and Lifting Clutches during casting, the Recess Former is moulded from a rubber compound exclusively developed to ensure longevity when in contact with concrete.
The outer curved surface of the rubber compound has a hole at its apex to allow the anchor to extend out of the recess former. It is made of highly durable rubber encasing a high tensile steel bolt, complying with many international standards.

The key benefits and features for Moment® Recess Formers are as per below:
• Hard oil resistant, yet flexible, rubber
• For attachment to steel and timber forms or floats
• Durable rubber case allows easy and clean removal

A wide range of Moment® Recess Formers from 1.3T to 32.0T

Moment® Lifting Clutches

Besides, the geometry of the Recess Former is unique to each load classification of Locking Klaws and Lifting Clutches, therefore minimizing the risk of errors as the wrong size clutch cannot be attached.

Moment® Lifting Clutch is used for lifting a wide range of precast concrete products for building and civil engineering including panels, pipes, pits, manholes, box culverts, road barriers, bridge beams, planks, sound walls, culverts etc.

The Moment® brand Lifting Clutch has been available in the market for many years and is therefore the tried and tested solution for lifting precast concrete elements. We have a wide range of sizes from 1T to 32T which perfectly complements the Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchor range.

A wide range of Moment® Lifting Clutches from 1.3T to 32.0T

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FRIMEDA Lifting Anchor System

The FRIMEDA Lifting Anchor System consists of flat steel anchors, recess formers and lifting clutches. The design of the lifting clutches and anchors permit loads in any direction. One of the main benefits of this system is the availability of erection anchors for tilting of thin elements with no edge breaking. The clutches can be released either directly by hand at the clutch head or by remote control.

The Anchor
The anchors are made from a special quality of flat steel. The anchor head has a hole in which the locking ring of the clutch can engage.

Ring Clutches
The ring clutch is positioned in the recess surrounding the cast-in anchor and the locking latch is closed by hand, enabling the locking ring to engage with the anchor head. The clutch is thus connected with the anchor in a matter of seconds. The ring clutch can now be pulled in all directions to allow for lifting, rotating and pitching of the unit. There is no preferred direction. To release, open the latch and the ring clutch can be removed.

The key benefits and features for FRIMEDA Lifting Anchor System are as per below:
• 15 load classes from 0.7 to 26.0
• Numerous types of anchor
• Confusion of load classes not possible, because only those components that belong together fit together
• Erection anchors protect the concrete when shear loads are applied

The FRIMEDA lifting anchor system consists of flat steel anchors, recess formers and lifting clutches

Moment® Threaded Lifting System

Moment® Threaded Lifting Loop


The Moment® Threaded Lifting Loop is manufactured from high grade steel wire, swaged in a steel ferrule and finished with zinc plating. Designed for use with a threaded lifting socket, it provides a versatile and economic method of lifting precast units and are suitable for most applications, particularly site operations. Loops are available from 16 to 36 mm sizes in Rd thread types. The load capacity for each application is to be taken from the corresponding tables.

The Threaded Lifting Loops can be subjected to a diagonal lift up to 45°. If a transverse loading is to be applied, a Swivel Lifting Eye should be used to allow the lifting link to rotate through 360°.

Threaded Lifting loops should only be attached to the unit after the concrete strength has reached 15 MPa. In some cases it may be economic and practical to leave the loops with the unit until final installation.

A wide range of Moment® Threaded Lifting Loop from 1.2T to 6.3T

Moment® Wavy And Straight Tail Lifting Socket Anchors

Moment® Wavy and Straight Tail Lifting Socket Anchors are economic lifting system to transport thin-walled precast components such as walls, flat panels etc. Even precast mansory wall components can be transported with this Wavy and Straight Tail Lifting Socket Anchors. It can be fixed to formwork by a plastic nail plate or magnetic socket holder.

The key benefits and features for Wavy and Straight Tail Lifting Socket Anchors are as per below:
• Available in Zinc Plated with Rd thread
• The socket is anchored into the concrete unit using its integral reinforcement bar.
• Quick and easy to fix into unit
• Typically used in beams, panels and walls

A wide range of Moment Wavy and Straight Tail Lifting Socket Anchors from 1.2T to 6.3T

Threaded Lifting Sockets are economic and have advantages in thin components, where the long tail provides excellent anchorage. The reinforcement tail is essential and must be installed and fitted to transfer the load into the concrete as shown.

Threaded Lifting Sockets are available in Zinc plated and stainless steel both with Rd threads. These sockets are specially made for lifting are not to be confused with fixing sockets. For thin units that have to be turned through 180° from mould to final position, Threaded Lifting Sockets can be made double threaded to pass right through the unit.
Plastic Stopper Caps are also available to protect threads from weathering and ingress of dirt or foreign matter that can prevent the threads from engaging completely down the length of the socket.

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Moment® Single, Double Multi Wire Loop Box

The Moment® Wire Loop Boxes are available in 3 versions, Single, Double and Multi Version including single, double and multi wire rope loops respectively to ensure strength into the connection.

The Wire Loop Box will need to fixed to the formwork and the flexible folded wires will need to be pulled out to make a connection when ready on site. The load will be transferred from one concrete panel to the other panel via wire rope loop. High strength (1770 MPa) Galvanized Steel Wire Rope with 6 mm ɸ will need to be crimped by using compression sleeves / Ferrule to form a loop at one end & to transfer a load axially through other end. The load is transferred from one concrete panel to the other panel via wire rope loop.

The key benefits and features for wire loop box are as per below:
• High Strength Galvanized Wire Loop
• Pre-punched nail holes for easy fixing to formwork
• Galvanized steel casing ensuring stability during fixing and concreting
• For construction junction between precast segments
• The loops pop-up automatically ensuring time saving; no rebending is required
• 1770 Mpa wire rope, zinc plated
• Color coded plastic clips
• Ideal for butt junction between wall to wall and wall to column
• Product dimension ideal for logistics and storage

Moment® Wire Loop box being fixed to the formwork in order to make a connection

Moment® Single and Double Wire Loop Box

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Moment® Wall Shoe

The Moment Wall Shoe system provides a ‘bolted’ type connection, also described as ‘dry joint’ or ‘mechanical connection’. It is intended to be used to connect precast walls or elements.

The system consist of Wall Shoe casted into a wall section and Anchor Bolt on the base. When they come together, the assembly is secured using a locking plate and high strength nut.

This product can be used for connecting precast wall or elements, either horizontally or vertically. The elements can consist of columns, beams etc.

Wall ShoeWall Shoe
Application Moment Wall Shoe for precast wall connection to foundation

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Halfen Moment Precast Shoe HCC

These days, there is a significantly more economical way to assemble precast columns. The Precast Shoe provides a handy solution for connection to foundations or for linking columns together.

The advantage of the pre-fabricated system with screw connection is the quick assembly. The connection is easy to adjust and immediately loadable so that bracing is not required which results in less labor at site and enormous time gain. The system comprises of the HCC column shoe and the suitable HAB anchor bolts for the foundation base.

The principle: The precast shoes are cast in pre-cast columns, the anchor bolts are cast in foundations on site using a drilling pattern. They are joined by load bearing nuts during assembly. As a last step the bottom of the column and remaining recess are filled with non-shrinking mortar.

Halfen Moment Precast Shoe HCC

Application with precast elements

Invisible Connections

Traditionally, precast slabs such as stair landings used to be supported by a steel angle bolted to the wall. Installation was slow, required high degrees of accuracy, tied up the crane with costly hook- time and could only be used on straight walls. The TSS and BSF range of connectors was developed specifically to address these and other needs.

The Architect gains a smooth obstacle-free soffit with no supports on show.

The Engineer gains a robust, simple and efficient connection, which can also be used to satisfy robustness.

The Insitu Contractor does not need to incorporate connections into the wall requiring tight tolerance.

The Precaster keeps control of the connection within the factory, with no need for specialist operations on site.

The Main Contractor gains reduced crane hook-time requirements, and rapid provision of access stairs.

TSS Telescopic Connectors

BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors

For transferring heavy loads from beams into columns, walls or other beams, the ideal solution is the BSF system. These 3-part telescopic connectors have individual capacities ranging from 225 kN to 700 kN. By optionally using BSF connectors in pairs, loads of up to 1400 kN can be catered for.

Traditionally, beams were supported off of columns using integral corbels. Apart from being inherently difficult and costly to form, corbels reduce local headroom and can appear visually cumbersome. Using BSF telescopic connectors eliminates the need for corbels, leaving a smooth soffit and architecturally ‘clean’ lines at concrete intersections. Round, or odd-shaped columns can also easily be accommodated by the BSF system.

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Form Magnet

Solid plastic block with cast-in magnets in steel frame for fixing forming recesses, and pour stops on steel formwork in production of precast parts. It can be removed easily from the formwork using a screw and a lever. Retention force approx. 3,500N.

The key benefits for Form Magnet are as per below:

  • Accurate, High Quality: locks down firmly to provide rigid support to formwork
  • Economics: high performance magnet with large clamping, minimizes number of formwork support
    required, reducing operating costs.
  • Quick & Safe operation: no hammer blows required. Simply glide on the table to its final position, and
    lock into position with a hand tap on the top of the clamp.
  • Durable product: reinforced steel body

Form Magnet

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HEK Precast Coupler

A connection of conventional precast elements uses steel wire loops or rebend connections, which require subsequent filling of the connection joints with grout mortar; these types of connections are not immediately loadable to their full capacity. To continue construction, temporary bracing is required to ensure stability of the erected elements until the grout in the joint has cured sufficiently. In many cases considerable waiting periods have to be taken into account in the construction schedule to allow the grout mortar to cure sufficiently.

Dry connection of precast elements dispenses with grout filling the joint, substantially reducing the time and effort required for installation.

The HEK Precast coupler is a boltable precast concrete connection that uses serrated plates, which are immediately capable of longitudinal and shear loads right after installation. Furthermore it compensates for manufacturing and installation tolerances of up to 10 mm.

• Bolt connection
• Durable corrosion protection
• Short installation time
• No temporary bracing required
• Less crane time
• Weather independent installation
• Dismountable

HEK Precast Coupler HALFEN HEK Precast Coupler

The main advantage of this system is the quick, efficient and weather independent installation of precast elements. The connections can be subjected to their full load capacities immediately after installation. This can accelerate the construction process.

The HEK Precast coupler element, cast into concrete, is both a load transferring and connection element between elements. The precast coupler element with counter plate is designed for a bolt, that is screwed into a fixing anchor cast into the component to be connected.


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