Form Magnet

Solid plastic block with cast-in magnets in steel frame for fixing forming recesses, and pour stops on steel formwork in production of precast parts. It can be removed easily from the formwork using a screw and a lever. Retention force approx. 3,500N.

The key benefits for Form Magnet are as per below:

  • Accurate, High Quality: locks down firmly to provide rigid support to formwork
  • Economics: high performance magnet with large clamping, minimizes number of formwork support
    required, reducing operating costs.
  • Quick & Safe operation: no hammer blows required. Simply glide on the table to its final position, and
    lock into position with a hand tap on the top of the clamp.
  • Durable product: reinforced steel body

Form Magnet

Form magnet being fixed to steel, timber or aluminium formwork to form a consistent straight line

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