HEK Precast Coupler

A connection of conventional precast elements uses steel wire loops or rebend connections, which require subsequent filling of the connection joints with grout mortar; these types of connections are not immediately loadable to their full capacity. To continue construction, temporary bracing is required to ensure stability of the erected elements until the grout in the joint has cured sufficiently. In many cases considerable waiting periods have to be taken into account in the construction schedule to allow the grout mortar to cure sufficiently.

Dry connection of precast elements dispenses with grout filling the joint, substantially reducing the time and effort required for installation.

The HEK Precast coupler is a boltable precast concrete connection that uses serrated plates, which are immediately capable of longitudinal and shear loads right after installation. Furthermore it compensates for manufacturing and installation tolerances of up to 10 mm.

• Bolt connection
• Durable corrosion protection
• Short installation time
• No temporary bracing required
• Less crane time
• Weather independent installation
• Dismountable

HEK Precast Coupler HALFEN HEK Precast Coupler

The main advantage of this system is the quick, efficient and weather independent installation of precast elements. The connections can be subjected to their full load capacities immediately after installation. This can accelerate the construction process.

The HEK Precast coupler element, cast into concrete, is both a load transferring and connection element between elements. The precast coupler element with counter plate is designed for a bolt, that is screwed into a fixing anchor cast into the component to be connected.

A HEK Precast coupler, one fixing bolt and a fixing anchor for example, a DEMU T-FIXX®, a DEMU Bolt anchor or a DEMU Bar anchor, make up one connection unit.

HEK, Project: Morgen Wonen in Sittard/NL

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