Precast Concrete Connection For Beam-Column And Stairs

Traditionally, precast slabs such as stair landings used to be supported by a steel angle bolted to the wall. Installation was slow, required high degrees of accuracy, tied up the crane with costly hook- time and could only be used on straight walls. The TSS and BSF range of connectors was developed specifically to address these and other needs.

The Architect gains a smooth obstacle-free soffit with no supports on show.

The Engineer gains a robust, simple and efficient connection, which can also be used to satisfy robustness.

The Insitu Contractor does not need to incorporate connections into the wall requiring tight tolerance.

The Precaster keeps control of the connection within the factory, with no need for specialist operations on site.

The Main Contractor gains reduced crane hook-time requirements, and rapid provision of access stairs.


TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors

TSS Telescopic Stair Connectors – Precast Landing to core wall connection

Connect Precast Elements Without Corbels.
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BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors

BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors – Designed for invisibly supporting beams off columns

For transferring heavy loads from beams into columns, walls or other beams, the ideal solution is the BSF system. These 3-part telescopic connectors have individual capacities ranging from 225 kN to 700 kN. By optionally using BSF connectors in pairs, loads of up to 1400 kN can be catered for.

Traditionally, beams were supported off of columns using integral corbels. Apart from being inherently difficult and costly to form, corbels reduce local headroom and can appear visually cumbersome. Using BSF telescopic connectors eliminates the need for corbels, leaving a smooth soffit and architecturally ‘clean’ lines at concrete intersections. Round, or odd-shaped columns can also easily be accommodated by the BSF system.

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