Column Connection to Foundation Supplies

These days, there is a significantly more economical way to assemble precast columns shoes. The Halfen Moment Precast Column Shoe provides a handy solution for connection to foundations or for linking columns together.

The advantage of the pre-fabricated system with screw connection is the quick assembly. The connection is easy to adjust and immediately loadable so that bracing is not required which results in less labor at site and enormous time gain. The system comprises of the precast column shoe and the suitable anchor bolts for the foundation base.

The principle: The precast shoes are cast in pre-cast columns, the anchor bolts are cast in foundations on site using a drilling pattern. They are joined by load bearing nuts during assembly. As a last step the bottom of the column and remaining recess are filled with non-shrinking mortar.

Halfen Moment develop and supplies column shoes for more than 25 years in Malaysia and being supported by its subsidiaries in Singapore, Philippines and India.

Halfen Moment Precast Shoe HCC

Application with precast elements

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