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The Moment® Wire Loop Boxes are available in two versions, one Single Version & one Double Version including single & double wire rope loops respectively to ensure strength into the connection.

The Wire Loop Box will need to fixed to the formwork and the flexible folded wires will need to be pulled out to make a connection when ready on site. The load will be transferred from one concrete panel to the other panel via wire rope loop. High strength (1770 MPa) Galvanized Steel Wire Rope with 6 mm ɸ will need to be crimped by using compression sleeves / Ferrule to form a loop at one end & to transfer a load axially through other end. The load is transferred from one concrete panel to the other panel via wire rope loop.

The key benefits and features for wire loop box are as per below:
• High Strength Galvanized Wire Loop
• Pre-punched nail holes for easy fixing to formwork
• Galvanized steel casing ensuring stability during fixing and concreting
• For construction junction between precast segments
• The loops pop-up automatically ensuring time saving; no rebending is required
• 1870 Mpa wire rope, zinc plated
• Color coded plastic clips
• Ideal for butt junction between wall to wall and wall to column
• Product dimension ideal for logistics and storage


Moment® Wire Loop box being fixed to the formwork in order to make a connection


Moment® Single and Double Wire Loop Box

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Moment® Wire Loop Box Brochure

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