Precast Concrete Lifting and Accessories Supplies

The Moment® Spherical Head Lifting System products are engineered and rigorously tested under the strictest quality assurance policy, providing the safest, yet cost competitive solution to the precast concrete and building industry. Our Spherical Head Lifting System includes:
• Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchor
• Moment® Recess Former
• Moment® Lifting Clutch

Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchors

The Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchor is made of a round steel rod with a forged foot and head. Forged using a special impact resistant steel, the range of Spherical Head Lifting Anchor has been specifically engineered to safely lift precast concrete elements in the most challenging of environments and site conditions.

In the same load group, Spherical Head Lifting Anchors are available with different lengths. Longer anchors are installed for reduced edge spacing or for low concrete strengths. A visible manufacturer’s mark is embossed on each anchor; this contains our brand Moment® Lifting (ML), the length of the anchor in mm and the load class.

The key benefits and features for Spherical Head Lifting Anchors are as per below:
• Safe, quick, efficient
• Durable clutch is resistant to abrasion
• Huge range of anchors and accessories for all types of precast elements
• 8 load classes from 1.3 to 32.0
• Ideal for beam or wall elements

A wide range of Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchors from 1.3T to 32.0T

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Moment® Recess Formers

Moment® Recess Formers are used to accurately create the correct recess to accommodate the Locking Klaws and Lifting Clutches during casting, the Recess Former is moulded from a rubber compound exclusively developed to ensure longevity when in contact with concrete.
The outer curved surface of the rubber compound has a hole at its apex to allow the anchor to extend out of the recess former. It is made of highly durable rubber encasing a high tensile steel bolt, complying with many international standards.

The key benefits and features for Moment® Recess Formers are as per below:
• Hard oil resistant, yet flexible, rubber
• For attachment to steel and timber forms or floats
• Durable rubber case allows easy and clean removal

A wide range of Moment® Recess Formers from 1.3T to 32.0T

Moment® Lifting Clutches

Besides, the geometry of the Recess Former is unique to each load classification of Locking Klaws and Lifting Clutches, therefore minimizing the risk of errors as the wrong size clutch cannot be attached.

Moment® Lifting Clutch is used for lifting a wide range of precast concrete products for building and civil engineering including panels, pipes, pits, manholes, box culverts, road barriers, bridge beams, planks, sound walls, culverts etc.

The Moment® brand Lifting Clutch has been available in the market for many years and is therefore the tried and tested solution for lifting precast concrete elements. We have a wide range of sizes from 1T to 32T which perfectly complements the Moment® Spherical Head Lifting Anchor range.

A wide range of Moment® Lifting Clutches from 1.3T to 32.0T

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