Moment® Threaded Lifting Loops

ferrule and finished with zinc plating. Designed for use with a threaded lifting socket, it provides a versatile and economic method of lifting precast units and are suitable for most applications, particularly site operations. Loops are available from 16 to 36 mm sizes in Rd thread types. The load capacity for each application is to be taken from the corresponding tables.

The Threaded Lifting Loops can be subjected to a diagonal lift up to 45°. If a transverse loading is to be applied, a Swivel Lifting Eye should be used to allow the lifting link to rotate through 360°.

Threaded Lifting loops should only be attached to the unit after the concrete strength has reached 15 MPa. In some cases it may be economic and practical to leave the loops with the unit until final installation.

A wide range of Moment Threaded Lifting Loop from 1.2T to 6.3T

Moment® Threaded Lifting Sockets

Threaded Lifting Sockets are economic and have advantages in thin components, where the long tail provides excellent anchorage. The reinforcement tail is essential and must be installed and fitted to transfer the load into the concrete as shown.

Threaded Lifting Sockets are available in Zinc plated and stainless steel both with Rd threads. These sockets are specially made for lifting are not to be confused with fixing sockets. For thin units that have to be turned through 180° from mould to final position, Threaded Lifting Sockets can be made double threaded to pass right through the unit.
Plastic Stopper Caps are also available to protect threads from weathering and ingress of dirt or foreign matter that can prevent the threads from engaging completely down the length of the socket

A wide range of Moment® Threaded Lifting Socket from 1.2T to 6.3T