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Moment Box (Rebar Box) allows connection between two concrete elements by their reinforcements, without drilling in the formwork.

Rebar Box consist of special pre-bent and pre-spaced steel reinforcement supplied in a pre-galvanized steel box that is dimpled and flanged for maximum concrete bond. The system is used to enable efficient and reliable reinforcement continuity for sections of concrete structures that are poured in subsequent phases without the need to drill formwork.

Installation is simply achieved by nailing the casing to the formwork or wiring it to the existing reinforcement cage prior to pouring concrete. After pouring and removal of the formwork the lids of the box is removed and the special re-bendable reinforcement is bent out ready for the next concrete pour.

The key benefits of Moment Box are as per below:

• Easier to manipulate on site heavy, long or high placed rebars
• Without need to drill the formwork
• Significant saving of time
• Avoid bending and unbending the reinforcement rebars
• Avoid encumbering and dangerous reinforcement bars
• Avoid Excessive rust due to long waiting time before pouring 2nd Phase

Moment Box

Due to the exclusive profile, specially designed to anchor itself in the concrete, our range of starter bar is the only rebar casing capable of making an anchoring which can transfer significant force around the structural joints.

Starter bar for slab in RC Stair walls

Starter bar for slab & beam in RC Lift Wall

Special Connection For High Shear Stress.
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