Concrete Spacer Bars and Blocks

Concrete spacers are little concrete parts which are used to position the rebar on the right place with the right cover. These spacers bars and blocks are important for the optimum adhesion of the poured concrete. We developed coverage spacers in various types, forms, measures and materials. Each concrete spacer bars and blocks has its own unique quality and meets all the set quality standards. Where concrete is installed, our products make a fundamental contribution to stability, statics, and durability in an invisible way. Our spacers contribute essentially to the satisfaction of the Eurocode 2 regarding concrete cover.

The key benefits of concrete spacer are as per below:
• High compressive strength, no deformation in heat or cold, concrete cover accurately maintained.
• Spacers remain in position during formwork erection and concreting.
• Ideal for impermeable concrete, no hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete.

Halfen Moment offers an extensive range of spacers throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and India. An extremely versatile and stable plastic spacer for the support of reinforcement in horizontal and vertical applications. It is easily and quickly positioned with no wiring required. When installed correctly at the appropriate centres, the use of reinforcement spacers, ensure that the correct cover between the reinforcement and formwork is maintained.

Plastic spacers should only be used in non-critical locations and should not be used for structural members with higher physical and temperature loading and those in the presence of large constraining forces (example: those transmitted through formwork for walls, columns or tunnels). Our full range of spacers include:

Concrete Spacer

Moment® Plastic Spacer

Moment® Fast Spacer 20/25 – Results in a 75% reduction of time

Tested To Meet Stringent Standards.
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