Moment Wall Shoe system provides a bolted connection between precast concrete walls and foundations or two precast concrete walls.

The system consists of Wall Shoes and Anchor Bolts on the base. When they come together, the assembly is secured using a locking plate and high strength nut. Wall Shoes are cast into precast concrete walls, whereas Anchor Bolts are cast into foundations or other walls.

On site, the walls are erected on adjusted shim plates in the correct position and fixed to the Anchor Bolts with nuts and special washers as bolt connection. Precast concrete wall connections are finalized by grouting the recesses and joints underneath the wall.

Wall Shoe  Moment Wall Shoe

Example of Moment Wall Shoe application for precast wall

There are many benefits of using the Moment Wall Shoe System including high safety standards through connecting precast elements, shorter construction time and thus lower cost. In addition to these, below are the some of the key benefits:

1. Can be used for thin walls

This product can be used for wall thickness from 100mm. It will not risk the design of the wall while maintaining the safety and robustness of the building.

Moment Wall Shoe

2. Immediate load bearing

Moment Wall Shoe serves as a connecting elements inside bracing wall construction. Both the tensile force acting perpendicularly to the joint and the transverse forces in the longitudinal axis of the joint can be absorbed and transmitted. This solution offers the advantage of the fast, simple and safe connection of precast concrete elements by simply bolting them together.

Moment Wall Shoe

3. Minimal grout usage

After the wall have been installed and the nuts and washers are screw tightened, the connection is then ready for grouting. It should be grouted by following the instruction for grout mixing and it must be a non-shrinking type. The volume of the grout use for this system is lesser compared to the conventional method using corrugated duct and thus decreasing the overall cost and installation time.

Moment Wall Shoe

See How Easily You Can Connect Precast Wall To Foundation

1. The wall is installed on pre-levelled shim plates after being cast in the concrete.

Wall Shoe Installation 1

2. The nuts and washers are screwed into the foundation anchors and tightened.

Wall Shoe Installation 2

3. The connection is ready for grouting after placement and adjustment of the wall element to the foundation.

Wall Shoe Installation 3

4. The finalized connection after grouting has hardened.

Wall Shoe Installation 4
Wall Shoes are designed to withstand tension forces corresponding to the design values of resistances of Anchor Bolts. Both components are pre-designed so that the system have sufficient resistance against actions caused by external loads.


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January 30, 2020