Construction of precast walls are very rigid since the element are inherently stiff to begin with. Therefore, it is important to detail the connections in such a way to ensure robustness in the event of a natural disaster such as earthquake and absorb its energy to avoid complete collapse.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

There are a number of challenges when connecting precast walls, namely:

1. Connections are wet, so require temporary bracing.
2. Installation time can be lengthy, so crane time is not optimised.
3. Connecting of both vertical and horizontal rebar connections is practically impossible due to the stiffness of the rebars.

At Halfen Moment, we have a solution for all of these challenges, but here we would like to address the third one as it is arguably the most important fundamental.

So What is Moment Wire Loop Box?

Wire Loop Box are used for connecting precast wall to wall or to a column. After casting to the formwork, the precaster will just need to remove the tape and release the loop into the operating position. A vertical rebar (sometimes called a trimmer or cottering bar) is installed into the joint through the wire loops. Lastly, cementitious grout is poured or pumped into the joint.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

There are 3 types of Moment Wire Loop Box – Multi, Double and Single Loop Box.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

Wire loop boxes are installed to the formwork according to the spacing specified by the designer, before the panel is cast.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

A vertical rebar is installed into a joint through the wire loops of both precast panels before grouting.

Key Advantages

Fully compliant with EN1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2), Moment Wire Loop Box has been tested in accredited test labs to simulate performance in various application, transmitting forces from three directions (perpendicular, parallel and transverse load).

Below are the key advantages of wire loop box when compared with the traditional method of connecting precast walls:

  1. Flexible installation method for seamless connection between precast wall
  2. Reduces the total installation time by 50% with less labour
  3. Eliminates the clashes between U-bars from the traditional method
  4. Customizable length of steel box and wire loops
  5. Easy installation of wire loop box to the formwork with the option of magnet

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

Multi wire loop box acts as a shear key and simplify the design of the formwork.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

Making precast wall connection easier and faster

Key Features

Consists of high-strength, galvanized steel casing and wire loops, wire loop boxes connect precast walls in an efficient and time saving method. Below are the key features of wire loop box:

Galvanized Steel Box
A robust sheet-steel box and wire loops contain the plastic latch and wire loops

Plastic Latch
Specially designed plastic latch to secure the wire loops in position for good anchorage embedment for in concrete
9.png The Secret to Precast Wall Connection

Flexible wire loops
Galvanized wire loops transmit force into the concrete and connect 2 walls to each other. Loops can be bent out and straightened with a hammer claw, screwdriver or a nail.

The Secret to Precast Wall Connection   The Secret to Precast Wall Connection


Wire Loop Box Makes Wall Connection Easier.
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January 2, 2020