Committed to delivering excellence in the construction industry, Halfen Moment Group has selected 10 essential building products which have significantly improve the construction site safety, efficiency, cost and speed. These selected top 10 products have been vastly used by our clients and proven to
i) reduce construction time,
ii) improving construction quality,
iii) increase of lifetime of concrete structures,
iv) reducing of total construction costs.

Mechanical Splices

 1) Having rebar congestion problem during lap splicing? Do you know you can easily eliminate the consequences of 40D rebar of wastage, by saving substantial amount of time and cost? Click to learn more about our Moment® JoinTec Coupler

2) Do you know that you can connect precast concrete elements by using coupler? Used together with Moment’s proprietary 100MPa grout, this coupler is tested to meet seismic requirements and can achieve bar break technology. Click to learn more about our Moment® Half Grout Coupler

3) Ever encounter a site situation where rebar threading is not possible for further rebar connection? A simple step by step execution of cold forged gripping the coupler sleeve against the rebar makes it possible!
Click to learn more about our Moment® Bargrip Coupler

4) Looking for a specific coupler for repair works, especially where one bar is already fixed in concrete with insufficient space? No threading is required and easy to install! Click to learn more about MBC Coupler

Precast Technologies

5) Is the connection between the construction junctions of your precast elements strong enough? Would you like to have a stronger connection with more flexibility? Click to learn more about Moment® Wire Loop Box

6) Looking for a quick, less labor and economical way of solution for connection to foundation or linking columns together? Immediately loadable, hence bracing is not required! Click to learn more about Halfen Column Shoe

Anchoring in Concrete

7) Still using the expensive site drilling method to install a support bracket? Or would you prefer to install a channel via casting, with unlimited adjustment along the line of the channel, and yet safer and more reliable? Better safe than sorry, Click to learn more about HALFEN Cast-In Channel

Reinforcement Products

8) Is your reinforced concrete structure vulnerable to corrosion or early deterioration? Would you like to maintain the proper distance between rebar and form face, yet with a 75% reduction of time? Click to learn more about our Moment® Fast Spacer

9) Facing any cracks issue in concrete due to shrinkage or expansion? Would you like to use macrofiber which is as strong as steel, with increased shatter and impact resistance? Click to learn more about our Forta Ferro® Macrofiber

Sacrificial Formwork

10) Experiencing tedious and slow foundation works? Ever thought of gaining 60% time during foundation works using less labour? Click to learn more about our Speedform™ technology

June 29, 2018