Rail transport is still today one of the main transportation method in many countries and remains a key driver of development and socio-economic rebalancing in local areas. The need to create new and strategically important routes has made railway construction one of the most relevant sectors on the global scene.

To ensure high levels of transport safety, railway builders and construction partners involved in this sector must adhere to strict safety standards to use quality construction accessories and innovation to optimise construction for a safer and cost effective railway.

You will always find the following products during the construction of any railway project:
• Post Tensioning System to allow longer span of beams for bridges so less pillars are needed.
• Cast in Channel to fix and support railway services especially if overhead electrification is selected.
• Rebar Coupler to simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce rebar congestion.

Post Tensioning System

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The use of post tensioning system in the beams in railway construction allows a longer span of bridges which reduces the number of pillar required. With lesser pillars, there will be less foundation which eventually reduce cost and also construction time.  This minimises the interruption to the existing landscape and will give the planner or designers to have more flexibility and options in plotting out the routes. There is a huge impact to the buildability especially in most MRT/LRT railway projects when they are built in Metropolitan cities which are highly congested with existing services and landscape.

Cast-In Channel

Cast In Channel Tunneling
Cast-in channel provides flexibility in fixing points, therefore future proofing the construction to allow for changes in the arrangement of the services.  The use of cast in channel in fixing the services gives a shorter installation time and therefore reduces the duration of the project.  The superb tolerances feature make the installation faster and easier.

Rebar Coupler

Rebar Coupler for Railway
Rebar couplers offer a full strength connection. They are suitable for projects of any size, including those requiring a high volume of couplers, such as road and rail bridges where fatigue performance may also be a factor.  The use of couplers reduces the congestion of reinforcement bars and this will enhance the buildability which also means speeding up the construction progress.

Halfen Moment has always invested in and consolidating know-how, by providing innovative building solutions for our customers to develop railway construction projects. Contact us today to start improve your project productivity cost effectively!


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May 2, 2019