Developer: TRX City Sdn Bhd
Contractor: Bachy Soletanche
Product Supplied: Moment® JoinTec Coupler, Moment® Bargrip Coupler

Project Description

The Tun Razak Exchange, TRX, is an iconic 70-acre development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that is set to become a leading centre for international finance and business. The master plan includes a total of 26 buildings and over 21 million ft2 of total building Gross Floor Area (GFA) spread across office, residential, hotel, retail, F&B and cultural offerings. TRX has a development period of 15 years to be completed in phases with the initial Phase 1 slated for completion in 2017/2018.

The Requirement: To connect bended rebars to micropile, which connects to the slab.

The Solution

In order to connect the bended rebars to the micropile, Moment® JoinTec Coupler with Type B thread has been used. The Type B thread has a double thread on one of the bars to be coupled. This facilitates the installation of the system by allowing a coupler to be screwed fully on to one of the bars. When the second bar is ready for coupling, the coupler can now be rotated off one bar and on to the other. In this case study, the full thread has been threaded for the bottom bar which has already cast in concrete.

During the coupler installation of bended rebar to the casted bar of micropile, the contractor realized that the bar cannot be tighten as this bended bar needs to face a specific direction. Fortunately, our specialized engineer visited the site and assured that the tightening is not the main factor which affect the strength of the rebar connection. In fact, the engagement of the thread is the key factor which determine the strength of the connection.

R&D has been made by Halfen Moment on the percentage of thread engagement needed, hence, even if it is slightly looser, the connection will still achieve the BarBreak system. Therefore, 80% of thread engagement has always been suggested to our clients during installation to achieve the full thread engagement.

Micropile at TRXJT Coupler with Bended Bar
Installation of bended rebar to the casted bar of micropile with Moment® JoinTec Coupler

The Result

Halfen Moment Malaysia has currently supplied Moment® JoinTec Coupler & Bargrip Coupler, we believe with our quality assurance and professionalism, there will be more continuous support from Halfen Moment to this prestigious project.


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December 15, 2017