Ideal Coupler For Precast Connections

The connection between precast concrete is a safety critical component in today’s structural precast construction. The success of this construction method goes beyond the structural performance of precast beams and columns; it also includes the performance of the precast connection. For the connection, the performance is not only limited to the structural robustness, but also embodies simplicity and productivity during the erection process. The connection types employed will not only affect the construction cost and speed but also have an impact on the sections that can be used via the ability for forces and moments to be redistributed throughout the finished structure.

Moment Grout Coupler, consists of a one piece design, is a rebar coupler designed for precast connections. Compliant with ISO 15835, each grout coupler combines the benefits of the Moment JT threaded system and will achieve barbreak when used together with Moment’s proprietary 100MPa grout.*

Specifically for precast connections, Grout Coupler can be used for connecting precast walls, columns, beams either horizontally or vertically. The most popular connections used with Grout Coupler are:

  1. Precast concrete column to foundation connection
  2. Precast column to column connection
  3. Precast beam to column connection

1. Precast Concrete Column To Foundation Connection

For this type of connection, the high tensile steel starter bars are left protruding from the foundation. After that, a precast column with vertical sleeves at the end is placed over the starter bars. The sleeves are the filled in with grout to provide a connection. This connection has the ability to provide moment resistance at the connection between column end to footing. Additional technologies such as precast shoes can then be used to eliminate the need for propping.

1Grout Coupler

2. Precast Column To Column Connection

Similar to the above application, this enables the launching of one column section on top of another one whilst providing full moment continuity across the joint. This is specifically important on projects with large column sections as the height of the element is often limited to less than 1 storey because of crane capacity limits.


3. Precast Beam To Column Connection

You can use grout couplers to overcome one of the biggest challenges in precast concrete construction; a moment resisting frame. In this application, you provide clearance holes through the precast column and use a grouted coupler to provide full continuity through the precast column.


To broaden the field of application, two product types are available: Full Grout Coupler and Half Grout Coupler. The rebars used with a Full Grout Coupler require no bar end preparation, such as threading, and are simply inserted to meet at the nominal centre point of the coupler.

For more information on Moment Grout Coupler, please contact our offices where we can showcase you the actual Grout Coupler as well as our latest innovative precast accessories.

*Lower grout grades might be possible, but it depends on the rib profile of the individual rebar supplier.

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October 25, 2019